Sunday, May 13, 2012

Battles Sources

Battles are a way of life. And, battles for the Christian are part of following Christ. We wage war with principalities and powers because our enemy is doing everything in his power to thwart God—not that he is going to be successful, but he is giving it his all. The enemy can’t win your soul but he can cause you to become discouraged with his schemes.
It’s good to understand that battles can come from different sources, so let’s take a look at some examples from Scripture.

Different Kinds of Battles

Battles can be…

From Fatigue 
            Exodus 17:7-16 - the enemy attacks when we’re weak and vulnerable.
            Elijah – runs from Jezebel in 1 Kings 19 - The enemy attacks after a great victory.

From Sin

            David - 2 Samuel 11&12, Psalm 51 - David silently battled after sinning with Bathsheba.
            Prodigal – Luke 15:11-32 - The Prodigal struggled until he “came to his senses.”
            Saul – Acts 8:1 – 9:22 

For a Larger Purpose

            Jesus – He suffered so that He could save people from sin
            Mary – Luke 2 - She bore the shame of her circumstances to raise the Messiah
            Esther – She was taken captive so she could save her people
            Joseph – Genesis 37:18-28, Genesis 45:4-8

For Our Character

            Israelites wander in the wilderness – Numbers 14:22-23
            Jacob – working for his uncle, Laban - Genesis 27-29
            Joseph – in prison, Genesis 37:2-11

From Doing God’s work/Doing the Right Thing

            Paul –Acts 23:11
            Daniel – Praying 3x day/lion’s den – Daniel 6
            Meschach, Shadrach, Abednego – Refuse to bow – Daniel 1-3
            Job – Job 1, 8
            Stephen - Acts 6:1-6, 8-15, 7: 1-60

Expected – 2 Chronicles 20:12-22
Unexpected – Exodus 17 

While investigating these Scriptures, identify some of your past or present battles. What is their source? In hindsight, can you see a purpose for them?
Stand Firm! Trust in your Victor, Jesus

* This is an excerpt from the Bible Study called, Battle Worn, Battle Weary: Finding Victory in Surrender