Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wishing You a Meaningful Christmas

lighted Christmas Tree
Photo by Jeanne Doyon

Merry Christmas
from our family to yours
and best wishes for the
New Year.

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Jesus came to bring hope to us.
What are your hopes for 2014?
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Peace

Starry night sky
Silent Night, Holy Night....

I felt this heavenly peace today as I watched the snow fall outside my window while listening to the hiss of the woodstove. Add a cup of tea and it’s so COZY.

And, to make it even sappier, I’ve been reading Jan Karon’s Mitford series. The gentle stories, funny characters, and eccentric antics of Mitford make me smile and keep me turning the pages. I’m really enjoying Father Tim, Cynthia, Uncle Billy, Miss Rose, Dooley, and of course Barnabas the crazy dog that’s as big as a Buick. Jan’s way with characterization makes me wish I wrote fiction.

Some refer to it as nesting. I guess I’m thinking of home, family, and funny memories this week as I finish my preparations. Just one more week till Christmas...

Life isn't always peaceful. Yet, Christmas reminds us of the Prince of Peace who came to reconcile us to God. When we have Him, peace reigns even in the midst of our chaos. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He brings light to a dark world and the hope of eternity.

Jesus came, born as a baby but didn't stay that way. In our mind we can keep in the manger, but He came to die. He came to show us who God is and how much He loves us. He showed forgiveness and grace to all He met. And, then went to the cross because we need a Savior, a perfect lamb, sacrificed once for all to cover sin with His blood.

God loved us so much, He sent His Son, and anyone who believes who He is will have eternal life. (John 3:16)

Do you know Him? Have you made room for Him? I would love to tell you more...


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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hope in the Chaos

Mantle decorated for Christmas

I love preparing for Christmas. I've wrapped gifts, put candles in the windows, and look forward to our children coming home.

I enjoy pondering the Christmas story. The Angel Gabriel visited a young girl to tell her she would give birth to God's son. Mary was pregnant out of wedlock which was punishable by stoning. Joseph heard from the angel in a dream, "Do not to be afraid to marry Mary." Joseph and Mary travel to Bethlehem because of Caesar's census. And then, after their long journey they didn't find a room, so when Mary's time to deliver the baby arrived, they took shelter in a stable.

Manger scene
This is not the kind of preparing I would have liked.

It would be an inconvenience to travel so far to appease a mad king and his lust for power and taxes. I would have been miffed that no one could find room for a pregnant mother to give birth. I'd complain about the stinky stable, wishing for something a bit more comfortable. I think I would be so caught up in the negative details around me that I would have missed the blessing I was meant to receive.

Yet, in the midst of the chaos, there was a thread of God's plan weaving its way through every event.

So, in the midst of the chaotic preparations of this season, will you ask Him to give you eyes to see the wonders of His love. Because He came for you!

What wonder is He revealing to you today?

                       Merry Christmas,


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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Ready for Christmas?

stack of mail
Where did 2013 go?
December is here and we are knocking on the door of a new year. I’ve done a bit of holiday planning—in my head at least. I got my first Christmas card in the mail yesterday—a telltale sign that I’m not prepared for Christmas at all, at least not in the practical sense.
I wonder if the first Christmas was like that.

For hundreds of years the prophets proclaimed and set the stage for the Messiah’s coming—their words said:

To follow a star in the east
Seek a baby to be born in Bethlehem
A king born of a virgin, nestled in a manger
His name will be Counselor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace
God with us - Emmanuel
And, He would save the people from their sins
I wonder if they were ready for His arrival. Did the busyness of life cloud the signs?
Anna and Simeon recognized Jesus in the temple after his birth. The Shepherds told of heavenly hosts and discovered an infant in a feeding trough just as the angel proclaimed. And, Mary pondered all these things in her heart.
Jesus had come. Born as a baby, He lived quietly as a carpenter’s son until the fullness of time. The time when He would fulfill His purpose for you and me.
Christmas tree

Prophets foretold. People waited. Jesus came.
As you anticipate your Christmas celebrations, how will you prepare for His coming?

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