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Hello faithful friends,

Since moving to my new domain there have been steep learning curves. One, was to think I had figured out how to share my new subscriber link to you so you could continue receiving The Stream's Edge...

Long story...two different subscriber platforms...and I had no idea. 

I guess we don't stop learning till we're dead. 

Please forgive me again for writing from my Blogger site. I hate to lose you as my readers. If you would like to continue receiving my blog, The Stream's Edge, please log onto my new blog page at

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Stream's Edge has a New Address - Will You Come Visit?

Happy Fall everyone! I'm Saying Goodbye to Blogger...

I have a brand new website and a new address at and I hope you will join me there. 

I now have my ministry of writing and speaking all under one address at

It won't be long before I get my blog archives moved in, but for now I'd like to invite you to subscribe to The Stream's Edge there. 

Due to Mail Chimp's spam rules, I can't add you as a subscriber. But I don't want you to miss the updates. You can sign up right here:

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I am excited about my new site. It's had a make-over and I'd love to hear what you think. 

The Stream's Edge has a new address

In case you may have missed my most recent posts at my new place, you can hop over from here. You can sign up for my blog (on the blog page) and ministry updates (on the HOME page).

Most recent posts:

Facing a Big Task - What Have I gotten Myself Into?

I Need to Rest...but My Brain Won't Shut Off

I love bringing you my thoughts on life and how God's Word speaks to us today. 

With His Many Blessings....see you at my new place,

The Stream's Edge has a new address

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Time to Move into My New Home

I have moved into my new home at [Click to Tweet]

That's right, I have a brand new website.

That means I'm leaving Blogger behind. My archived posts will be here until I finish moving them to the new website.

And, The Stream's Edge will is just getting a face lift. [Click to Tweet]

So, I hope you will jump on over to see my latest blog posts there.

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Mind Connection - By Joyce Meyer: A Book Review

The mind connection by Joyce Meyer: A book review
I was asked to review Joyce Meyer’s newest book called, The Mind Connection (releases 9/1/15). Mind you, I am not a Joyce Meyer follower per se. I don’t get her television programming nor have I heard her speak. But I have reviewed a few of other her books. You can read them here:

Get Your Hopes Up!

You Can Begin Again

Let God Fight Your Battles

I enjoyed these titles and I think their timely message speaks to people today.

However, The Mind Connection is a disappointment. [Click to Tweet]

It feels a lot more like positive thinking rather than the Hope of Christ. The writing is simplistic and doesn’t have the same voice as the previous titles I mentioned. To be honest I had a difficult time staying focused while reading it and didn’t finish.

Let me share a little of The Mind Connection with you.

Thoughts like on page 29:

“Insufficient funds can pressure the best of us, but we can weather the storm if we think right during the difficulty. Avoid thinking the worst and try thinking the best.

If you have lost your job, then aggressively look for another job, all the time expecting it to be better than the last one.

If you need money, be willing to work at anything until you are able to do what you truly desire to do. When we resist laziness and apathy, God gets on board and makes amazing things happen…”

Or this on page 51:

"Put God First:

I don’t know how anyone can be consistently happy if they don’t believe in God. Oddly enough, some people who don’t believe make it their mission in life to try to diminish the faith of others. They are unhappy and they want to make others unhappy too…"

Page 52 continues…

“It was quite life-changing for me when I realized that God wants each of us to be thoroughly happy and to fully enjoy life.”

Chapter 18 has some good content:

Thinking about what God thinks about You is the title of chapter 18. I gleaned some good things, partly because I think I am in a place where I need to hear its message. We can go our whole lives thinking things about ourselves that others have said about us. But, they are not the truth. Here is a bit from those pages:

Page 192 begins:

“There are many voices that try to shape the way we think about every part of ourselves—our appearance, our abilities, our potential, and our identity. But those voices can be misleading…

The Bible teaches that our true identity, worth and value of a believer is found in Christ…Wrong thinking about ourselves can lead to what I refer to as a case of “mistaken identity.”  

Page 194:

"We may not do everything right, but God views us as right through our faith in Jesus and His work on the cross for us.” 

My Thoughts about The Mind Connection by Joyce Meyer: [Click to Tweet]

Overall, the book's content feels strained. There are bits of good wording but most of it reads like a stranger wrote it – someone not totally connected to its message. So, my suggestion is to skip this title. I think Joyce has similar themes that are better articulated in her other resources.

I do believe there is a mind-body-spirit connection, but caution as to how much is our responsibility to control is a fine line. It is God who is in the mind and heart transforming business. And that, I believe happens when we know Him and His word more intimately.

Thanks for allowing me express my opinion,


Don't feel like you have to take my word for it. You can find more information about The Mind Connection by Joyce Meyer on Amazon:

Friday, August 28, 2015

A New Season - Change is Exciting

School buses are beginning to rumble by this week. A signal of the end of summer. I am hanging on to what's left of it. But, Fall is the most beautiful time here in New England.

A New Season - Change is Exciting
Image courtesy of

It's a New Season...and Change is Exciting

A New Season
Photo by Jeanne Doyon

Seasons change. It's not easy, but we need to embrace it. [Click to Tweet]

There is always something good ahead even though it is difficult to let go of what we have now. 

New can be scary but also exciting.

That goes for websites too.

I have been writing my heart out on Blogger for five years. It's hard to believe. I am comfortable here. I know my way around. But, it's time to grow--time for a new season. Time to change.

So, I am introducing you to my new website [Click to Tweet]

A new season - Change is exciting

I do hope you will follow me there. The Stream's Edge will be there waiting for you along with a place to sign up to receive new posts. I will have all my "stuff" under one roof...speaking ministry, topics and my blog.

Everything here on Blogger will stay for now until I figure out what I want to do with it. I need time to embrace the new season. The change is exciting but also a little scary. Big steps usually are!

I'd love for you to share my new site with friends. Be sure to visit my blog and add your email address. And, I would love to hear about your new season...And, calling all is time to change.

What changes are you facing? I know God will meet you there... [Click to Tweet]


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer Moments - Photo Gallery

What a lovely summer. We are enjoying our new screen porch. The weather has been gorgeous. We've spent time with family. We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary.

Here is a glimpse of some of our summer moments:

Summer moments - photo gallery

Family vacation

Summer moments - photo gallery

Peaceful places

Summer moments - Photo gallery

Flying stunts

Summer moments - photo gallery

Nightly Visitors

Summer moments - Photo gallery

Fresh Basil

Summer moments - Photo gallery

The Backyard Garden

So thankful!


This photo blog comes at a time when I am preparing for my fall events. Thanks for your grace as I focus on them. I would love your prayer for these:

Teaching a 4-week study of the book of Philemon (Sept 16 - Oct 7)
Speaking at a MOPS group meeting October 21.
Speaking at a women's retreat at Singing Hills Conference Center in NH (Oct 30 - Nov 1)

For more information on how I can bring a message to your next women's event, visit my website.

All photos by Jeanne Doyon c. 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015

What Do You Like To Do For Fun?

I have been asked, "So...what do you like to do for fun?"

a need to have fun
This is another question that causes me to pause...what do I like to do for fun? So often I clean, write, cook, read....

But what DO I like to do for fun? [Click to Tweet]

This year I have realized I don't consciously make time for celebrating. I'm trying to remedy that.

A Need to Have Fun

Well, this past week John and I took the tandem kayak to the lake. I don't think I stopped smiling. The weather was idyllic. Sunny. Breezy. And, we went early so the lake was quiet.

A Need to have fun

We dropped anchor next to a small island. John swam. I waded. We had packed a lunch and enjoyed a perfect morning together.

Have you read my article called, Going Tandem

Did you know they call tandem kayaks Divorce Boats? [Click to Tweet]

Then, on Sunday after church we went to a classic car cruise with friends. There were over 2500 classic cars on display. 

Our assignment: Find a car from our birth year...

Here's mine: 1958 Cadillac Convertible

A Need to have fun

Here's John's: 1959 Ford Pickup

A need to have fun

We had fun! I even chose two fun cars to photograph because they're pink. We decided they must have been the first Mary Kay cars.

A need to have fun
1955 Victoria Fairlane

A need to have fun

Take time to have fun no matter your circumstances. It will fuel your joy.

"This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."

John and I are celebrating 35 years of marriage this week - and having fun together.

So, what do you like to do for fun?


Get your copy of: Little Book of Great Dates: 52 Creative Ideas to Make Your Marriage Fun:

Photos by Jeanne Doyon

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sharing Opinions – Yours Matters

Have you been able to read between the lines all these years—to discover I have trouble sharing my opinions about things? It’s something I have struggled with since I was young. 

Sharing Opinions - Yours Matters
I came home with more outfits that I hated and never wore because I couldn’t tell my mom the truth about what I thought while in the dressing room.

And, then, the one time I just had to have a faux bunny fur hat (I think I was about 9 years old at the time), the moment I saw an old lady wearing one at church, I never donned it again.

I don't like talking politics. I avoid Apologetics. I dislike confrontation. When someone asks,

"What do you think?" 

I freeze.

It’s easier not to like something rather than say I like it and be disappointed.
Now, those of you who have psych backgrounds may have me labeled—don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.

Sharing opinions - yours matters
Whatever the cause, I struggle with this. 

I like everyone else to be happy. So, it doesn’t matter whether we go for pizza or Chinese food. I’ll take whichever flavor is left on the dessert dish. I'd rather let everyone else choose first.

You're probably thinking--Really, Jeanne? 

Or, maybe somebody out there is tracking with me because you struggle too.

I really do want to grow in this area...

That’s one reason I have said yes to reviewing books and movies here at The Stream’s Edge. It has forced me to be honest with myself and others about what I think. And, I think it has been a good stretching thing for me.

My theory is that all of this is rooted in fear.

  • Fear of rejection
  • Afraid what others will think or say
  • Afraid of not being accepted or liked
  • Afraid of looking or sounding foolish

Sharing Opinions - Yours matters

Does this ring true with anyone else?

Does anyone else out there struggles with this? I would love to hear about your journey. 

Maybe we could start the S.Y.O.S.G

Share Your Opinion Support Group

Or, maybe the M.O.M.S. ...

My Opinion Matters Society

I'm learning how to take a risk with my opinions, to be myself. There is one question I can answer without being afraid of what others think...the one when Jesus asks,

"Who do you say that I am?"

What do you think? Now that I've bared my soul...I’d love to hear your opinion!


Images courtesy of

Jo Ann Fore writes this book called, When a Woman Finds Her Voice:

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Is Your Door Open or Closed? I'm Loving the Living Word

Is your door open or closed? I'm loving the living word
When I open my Bible, the words leap off the page in living color. I'm loving the living word. Just this week alone, I have pondered passages like:

"I will do something new." Isaiah 43:19

I found myself asking, "What is it, Lord? You are always doing something new; help me not to miss it. I can get so busy focusing on other things..."

You see, I believe the Lord has been closing some doors in my life (Click to Tweet This). They may or may not be closed forever, but when you sense the click of the door latch, I really think God is speaking. It's as if He doesn't want me spending my energy on THAT right now.

My closed doors were pretty clear.

  • I was scheduled to teach three local community education classes. And, no one signed up. That's pretty clear, right?
  • I planned a writer's getaway for women but only one registered; it wasn't enough to meet the financial cost. Another closed door.
Closed doors are hard. (Click to Tweet This) They can be discouraging. But, why would I want to keep pounding on a closed one? 

So, the question becomes, is your door open or closed?

I asked the Lord to show me the doors that ARE open. 

Is your door open or closed?
Teaching the Bible

As I thanked Him for the answer, I noticed the following verses:

" open doors before Him so that gates will not shut; I will go before you and make the rough places smooth..."  Isaiah 45:1-2

"Commit to me the work of My hands..." Isaiah 45:11

It is HIS WORK! I am just the vessel. And, I do believe when the Lord opens a door of opportunity, He will go before me.

I knew I needed to thank Him...for showing me this in His word!

Lord, it is your work and I commit it to you. Help me to focus on the doors you have opened. Shut every door that doesn't have a part of your will for me. Let me leave those doors for others who have been called and led to open them.

Is your door open or closed?
A closed door can feel like a frustration but when we realize there are open doors nearby, it will help us to take notice. We can step through the door God has planned for us.

Do you have open or closed doors in your life right now? How can I pray for you as you seek His direction?
Will you also pray for me?


Also, read this great post by Cindi McMenamin on Crosswalk called, 3 Ways to Know if an Open Door is from God

This John Orgberg title is on my list to read:

Photos by Jeanne Doyon

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fasting Discoveries—While AWOL from Facebook

Fasting Discoveries—While AWOL from Facebook
While AWOL from Facebook: Fasting, Part 2 

It’s been two weeks since I set out to surgically remove Facebook from my daily routine. You may think it extreme; it is. Cutting out my Facebook surfing time was difficult but necessary. I needed the break.

Is it forever? I don’t think so.

But taking the hiatus was a good thing to do and the discoveries I made while unplugged—helpful.

I learned that:

  • Facebook isn’t going anywhere.
  • Checking Facebook multiple times a day isn’t necessary.
  • Most of the messages lit up in my toolbar aren’t important.
  • I get a lot more done when I ignore Facebook’s presence.
  • People who need to reach me know how to find me.
  • I need to use Facebook for my ministry, but I don’t need to be tied to my timeline.
  • I can take advantage of pre-scheduled posts to be more hands-off during the week.
  • I can get by without a news feed.

For those of you who write or speak, you constantly hear you need to:

  • Build your platform 
  • Create a web presence 
  • Be visible

But, how many hoops do we need to jump? 

I can’t help but think that God is able to open doors that no man can shut…and shut doors that cannot be opened. God is my agent. He is the one who causes kings and rulers to rise up…and ministry leaders to shine.

So, the power that indwells me—the same power that raised Jesus from the dead—will equip me to do all God asks because:

  • His ways are not my ways.
  • He confounds the strong and raises the weak.
  • His Holy Spirit is my ghost writer.

And I trust Him with every part of my being that His plans for me will succeed when I listen to His voice and respond to His timing.

Facebook is a frail, human institution that is not all-powerful. 

Facebook's ever-changing algorithms cannot compete with my immutable God (Click to Tweet) —the One who is the same yesterday, today and forever. 

He is known for parting Red Seas, toppling city walls, healing the sick, raising the dead, calling those who will hear, to follow Him….

And, He will establish my ministry in His way and His time. 

I often have presupposed ideas of how things are going to turn out, but His ways are ALWAYS more amazing.

I don’t want to miss His miracle because it doesn’t look like my preconceived idea.
  • It didn’t work for the Jewish or Roman rulers.
  • It didn’t work for Jesus’ brothers.
  • It didn’t work for Judas.

God works the most miraculous things when we refuse to keep Him in a box. 

Fasting Discoveries - While AWOL from Facebook
I know all this. Yet, I can fall into being a sheep and following the herd. Doing what everyone else is doing. I need to be reminded that I am me.  

Fasting Discoveries - While AWOL from Facebook

And the most wonderful thing is, God has created me to be just the right person to do the things He needs done in my world. My story. My personality. My gifts and talents—and yes, even my weaknesses are all known by Him.

I am unique.

Fasting Discoveries - While AWOL from Facebook

And, He has created you a one-of-a-kind too.

Fasting Discoveries

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Hopes for My Facebook Fast

Fasting isn't for sissies. And fasting isn't ALL about food.

My Hopes for My Facebook Fast
This past week I decided to fast from Facebook.  (Click to Tweet)

For those of you who are raising your eyebrows, bear with me. For those who aren't, I know you understand.

Facebook is a time robber

Facebook is like sifting through gobs of garbage to find a gem

Facebook isn't the only way I can contact people

Facebook has news that isn't news, and truth that isn't truth. Often we find it difficult to tell the difference unless we research every page that shares a link.

I guess I finally decided that something had to give. 

I found myself scrolling through the news feed much to often and really am not gaining anything of real worth. 

Out of boredom? Maybe.
Because I crave interaction? Getting warmer.
Because I desire the connection and kudos of others? Bingo!

If any of you struggle with this too, I would love to hear from you.

I have way too many things to be attending to and taking a break from Facebook is a good idea.

My hopes for my facebook fast
I am designing a new website.

I am writing retreat messages for this fall.

I have two book projects in differing stages of un-doneness.

Not to mention clutter that has taken over areas of my house like uninvited house guests.

Just a note: I have tackled much of the clutter and it feels like a burden lifted.

Someone suggested I put a dollar in a jar for every hour I resist the temptation to check Facebook. Not sure I have enough dollars for that plan, but I do plan to reward myself for the productivity increase I anticipate.

Any suggestions?

In the meantime, the Lord has whispered a word during my quiet time I would like to share with you. 

If we know Christ we are called to be:

  • Ambassadors
  • Ministers of Reconciliation


What might that look like for you? 
I can tell you that I am doing lots of thinking about it.

Here is an free image you can share:

I'll keep you posted on the the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Be sure to read part two of this post: Fasting Discoveries--While AWOL from Facebook


Thursday, July 16, 2015

When Clouds Roll in and You're Not Sure What to Do Next

When the future is murky and you're not sure what to do next

Join me today at the Christian Communicator's Blog where I share a time the clouds had rolled in...

My message then is just as true today as I struggle to discern the path to take for my writing and speaking. Timeless. Relevant.

Because it is all about our day to day relationship with the Lord of Glory. Stop by and leave a comment about what cloudy circumstances have taught you...

Ministry (and life) is all about discerning the open doors and invitations to use our gifts to share the message of Christ. So, how do we handle those times of lull, when not much is happening and we are unsure of what to do next?

This is a question I’ve asked myself recently, after breaking my foot while speaking at a women’s retreat. My plan to leave my job and pursue writing and speaking full-time seemed to have a huge YIELD sign descend from above. Because of the fracture, I wasn’t able to finish my last week at the office, leaving without any goodbyes; I had to cancel the second weekend of speaking at the women’s retreat. What did it all mean? His plan obviously altered mine, but for what purpose....

Read more of, When the Clouds Descend... and join the conversation.

See you there,


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Someday Home by Lauraine Snelling - A Book review

Someday Home by Lauraine Snelling - A book review

Reading is one of life’s pleasures.

Finding a good author is discovering a friend with a great imagination.  (Click to Tweet)

If you are looking for a good story, I recommend a new book by Lauraine Snelling.

I have never read anything by Lauraine Snelling until now. Her book called, Someday Home: A Novel, is delightful. She drew me in right away with her characters—three women who find themselves needing a home. 

I identified with each of them in a different way.

Lynn has lost her husband and doesn’t want to leave her home. Her situation made me think of my mom who just lost her mom last year and my dad five years ago. She is trying to make all of those financial decisions based on whether it’s best for her to move to a smaller house. None of them are easy.

Judith spent her life caring for her parents and their stately home with the promise that she would be cared for after they’re gone. She discovers that’s not the case at all. She has nothing; no home, not even an education.

Angela has just been served divorce papers. Enough said.

The author weaves a wonderful tale of friendship, forgiveness and discovery as they become housemates; and I loved every minute of it. 

Because of reading, Someday Home: A Novel, I am on the lookout of more stories by Lauraine Snelling. She is a wonderful writer and has a deep understanding of what women face along life’s pathway.

What are you reading this summer? (Click to Tweet)


Someday Home by Lauraine Snelling is published by FaithWords. It released on July 7, 2015. You can order a copy from Amazon—a perfect book to take on your summer vacation.

Available in Kindle, paperback or Audible versions.

An advanced publish copy was provided for this review by FaithWords