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Get Your Hopes Up! Joyce Meyer Offers a Hope Check-up

I know many who are sick, depressed, discouraged because they have lost hope…

Get Your hopes up! Joyce Meyer offers a hope check-up

It’s one thing we all need—hope for today—hope for the future. Hope gives us a reason to go on and the energy to keep-on, keeping-on.

Do you lack hope?

Do you see life through a negative lens?

Are you surrounded by people who cast a dark cloud over anything you mention or aspire to?

Get Your hopes Up! Joyce Meyer offers a hope Check-up

It’s easy to allow life to color your hope because life’s hard.

Joyce Meyer’s newest book called, Get Your Hopes Up!: Expect Something Good to Happen to You Every Day Is just the prescription for the naysayer in your life, even if it’s you.

As I began to read, I thought, I should share this book next weekend when I speak at the retreat. My topic, Gems from Garbage, dovetails beautifully with Joyce’s topic of hope.

Get Your Hopes Up! isn’t a ‘feel good’ book that says if you think positively, everything will be wonderful. Joyce Meyer shares the root of our hope – Jesus. He is the anchor of our soul and He is the one we look to when life spins out of control.

Paul tells us in Philippians 4:9 to think on the things that are true, lovely, excellent….because whatever we face in life, we need to see God in the middle of it. He travels with us on every rocky road and gives us hope in every circumstance. He tells us if we practice these things and ponder them, His peace will fill us.

I think everyone needs a hope check to make sure we aren’t living in the doldrums of negativity. Seeing the silver lining in every dark cloud is an attitude that people love to be around. No matter what befalls us, there is always something to be thankful for.

Get your hopes up! Joyce Meyer offers a hope check-up

Joyce Meyer speaks to me and I know you will be blessed by her insights into our need for hope. With her candid style and a pulse on the heart she speaks truth about the things that rob us from living abundantly. Life is filled with opportunities to thwart hope and send us down the slippery slope of despair. We battle for hope because the enemy tries his best to steal it from every child of God.

Don’t let him!!

We need to keep our hopes up when expectations from others bring us down. As you count your blessings instead of your problems, hope becomes contagious. And, hope is an anchor that keeps us steady in the middle of life’s storm.

So don’t allow negativity and despair to rob you of joy. Negativity smothers hope. (Click to Tweet)

Get Your Hopes Up! will encourage you to seek God’s perspective - the importance to trust and believe no matter what your circumstances dictate.

Get your hopes up! Joyce Meyer offers a hope check-up
Joyce says hope is the natural cure for unhappiness. “Joy and hope go hand in hand. When you begin to really live in hope—believing and trusting that God is going to do amazing things in your life—joy comes rushing in,”  Page 129

She continues, “I believe God is going to free you from the heavy chains of “I can’t” and “It’s too late”, so you can soar on the wings of “I can” and “The time is just right.”  Page 177

“When you dare to get your hopes up, things will begin to change in your life. Faith increases, joy returns, and peace reigns.”  Back Cover Copy

I’d love to hear your thoughts about our need for hope today. Jesus is the only one who brings true hope—Himself. 

The message in Get Your Hopes Up! is a blessing and the more I read, the more I want to share its message with you.

Could you use a word of hope today?

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As you count your blessings instead of your problems, hope becomes contagious.  Click to Tweet

Negativity smothers hope. Click to Tweet

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