Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Finding My Lost Perspective

If you have a family member serving in the military, you understand the emotions that can roll over you on any given day. Edie Melson offers an experienced mom's view in her newest book, While My Soldier Serves. Edie is my guest today. Be sure to leave a comment to be eligible to win a copy of this wonderful resource for military families.

I remember those days following our son’s choice to enlist in the Marine Corps. It was a daunting time, filled with pride and a bit of fear sprinkled in. I was proud of my son’s decision to serve, but in the back of my mind lay a fog of fear about what that service might demand from him.

Over the next few months, as our son began his many months of training, I settled more and more into a sense of pride and excitement. He was following his dream and doing it well.

Then came his first of two deployments. Those were difficult times, and that knot of fear unwound, taking over my entire world.

As I struggled to gain a measure of peace, I took a drive. We live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and that was where I fled. I pulled out of my driveway at dawn, and God surprised me with a glorious sunrise reflecting off a sky full of puffy clouds. Everything about it held the promise of great things to come.

But as I got closer to my goal in the mountains, those clouds that had made the sunrise so gorgeous descended and fog engulfed my car. I was forced to slow down—almost to a crawl at times—because it was so thick. Discouragement returned, and I almost turned around. Something inside urged me on though, and I kept going; climbing higher into the peaks I loved so well.

I continued up the steep road and just yards from my goal, the clouds parted and the sun appeared, bathing me in it’s warmth. I took a deep breath and the tension that had crept in from diving in such perilous conditions disappeared, and peace returned. I parked and got out to fully appreciate the magnificent view before me.

The clouds that had hung so low, obscuring my path to the top, just added depth and a new perspective to the beauty of what I saw now. I stopped as inspiration struck. I’d been so wrapped up in what was happening, I’d lost my perspective. (Click to Tweet)

My drive was so much like what was happening in my life. The fog may seem like it’s going to last forever, but it’s not.  (Click to Tweet) Even more than that, it’s not a matter of the sun returning, it’s always there, whether I can see it or not.

I could have chosen to park, waiting for the fog to dissipate. I could have turned around and gone back. Instead, I kept going, driving up toward the sun.

I learned a valuable lesson that day. No matter what fog engulfs my circumstances, if I keep my mind focused upward, I’ll find that God hasn’t moved.

What have you found as a reminder that God is always present? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

While My Soldier Serves
Thousands of families send loved ones off to fight on a daily basis. These families spend a lot of time living in a world out of control. This kind of stress can take an incredible toll, but there is hope. When we feel helpless, we can take our fears to the One who loves us more than anything and holds the universe in His hands.

In this book you’ll find the words to usher you into His presence. These prayers are a place to visit again and again as you take your own fears to God. They’re just a starting point, written to help you find your own voice as you call out on behalf of the one you love.

Finding my lost perspective
As the mother of a frontline infantry Marine, Edie Melson lived this book before she wrote it. Edie understands what it is to face adversity and come out triumphant on the other side. Her years as a wife, mother, and ministry leader have given her a unique perspective to reach out
to others facing the same struggles.
She's the Military Family Blogger for, social media director for several writing websites, and a popular ministry and conference speaker. Connect with her on her blog, The Write Conversation, Twitter, and Facebook.


  1. Wow Jeanne, Loved Edie's blog.........Her writing is so descriptive........we have all felt the "fog" of not seeing an answer in life. Enjoyed it. Love Mom

  2. Mom, Edie is a wonderful writer and a storehouse of knowledge. I love that she speaks to the military families (I am one) and knows the struggles we face as we entrust them to God's care.

  3. I met Edie as one of the 2014 Guideposts Writers' Workshop winners. Very happy for her continued success.

  4. Thank you for sharing Edie's transparent story of fear. But the Lord is always present despite the fog, despite the lies and evil forebodings of the enemy. How precious the Lord is to call our attention to Him and pull us to the mount where He will be seen, where He will provide. (Genesis 22:14)

  5. Lisa, what a wonderful word for Edie today. Thank you.

  6. Margie, so true my friend! In the Old Testament He was in the cloud--that was His presence. How wonderful to hear His voice in the midst of whatever fear we face.

  7. "God hasn't moved." Loved that! My oldest two are currently serving in the USAF and Navy.

  8. Linda, thanks for chiming in here. Mine is in the Air Force too. And, God is watching over them, covering them with His outstretched arm.

  9. Congratulations to Margie Houmes! You have won a copy of Edie's new book called, While My Soldier Serves. Please contact me with your email and mailing address


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