Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Complicated Communication

I consider myself a communicator. I write. I speak. I teach. I have dozens of journals and love to fill a blank notebook page. Yet, communicating with one another has gotten more complicated...

Take my phone…please! My Tracfone has been less reliable; more dropped calls, and I need to stand in a corner of the living room to hold a conversation because if I go to another area of the house, I lose the signal (yes, we live in the woods). John found a great cell phone plan for us. So, I ordered a new phone and signed up for a plan which I hope will be plenty for my simple needs.

My new phone arrived; I ported my old number to avoid changing, learning a new phone number and getting someone else’s history. I learned this lesson after my husband’s new phone number brought with it not only bill collector calls to the previous subscriber, but also the other guy’s name showing up on caller ID every time my husband placed a call.

After over two hours on the phone with customer service this weekend, my new phone finally works. My head throbbed from trying to follow the maze of directions to figure out how to find the dialer button, setting up my voicemail and, I inadvertently put the phone on silent while scrolling through the techie-jungle. There’s no such thing as just making a phone call. It’s an all-afternoon event to charge my phone, find my address book, navigate a microscopic keyboard to send a text message and press send. So, I have come to a realization—communication has gotten VERY complicated!

This awareness makes me thankful that I can communicate with the God of the Universe without a data plan; He doesn’t have voicemail. His line is never busy. His ringtone is Truth spoken to a listening heart. He communicates to me and through me in the most uncomplicated fashion—called relationship. Even with the ringer off, He hears me and I can hear him because of His uncomplicated connection called prayer. All this means I have the unlimited, wireless access plan to the Creator of the Universe. How cool and uncomplicated is that! He is accessible anytime, any day, and anywhere. It makes me remember a time when I told my children, God’s phone number:

Jeremiah 33:3 “Call to Me and I will answer you. I will tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own.”  (The Message)

Who ‘ya gonna call?