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The Mind Connection - By Joyce Meyer: A Book Review

The mind connection by Joyce Meyer: A book review
I was asked to review Joyce Meyer’s newest book called, The Mind Connection (releases 9/1/15). Mind you, I am not a Joyce Meyer follower per se. I don’t get her television programming nor have I heard her speak. But I have reviewed a few of other her books. You can read them here:

Get Your Hopes Up!

You Can Begin Again

Let God Fight Your Battles

I enjoyed these titles and I think their timely message speaks to people today.

However, The Mind Connection is a disappointment. [Click to Tweet]

It feels a lot more like positive thinking rather than the Hope of Christ. The writing is simplistic and doesn’t have the same voice as the previous titles I mentioned. To be honest I had a difficult time staying focused while reading it and didn’t finish.

Let me share a little of The Mind Connection with you.

Thoughts like on page 29:

“Insufficient funds can pressure the best of us, but we can weather the storm if we think right during the difficulty. Avoid thinking the worst and try thinking the best.

If you have lost your job, then aggressively look for another job, all the time expecting it to be better than the last one.

If you need money, be willing to work at anything until you are able to do what you truly desire to do. When we resist laziness and apathy, God gets on board and makes amazing things happen…”

Or this on page 51:

"Put God First:

I don’t know how anyone can be consistently happy if they don’t believe in God. Oddly enough, some people who don’t believe make it their mission in life to try to diminish the faith of others. They are unhappy and they want to make others unhappy too…"

Page 52 continues…

“It was quite life-changing for me when I realized that God wants each of us to be thoroughly happy and to fully enjoy life.”

Chapter 18 has some good content:

Thinking about what God thinks about You is the title of chapter 18. I gleaned some good things, partly because I think I am in a place where I need to hear its message. We can go our whole lives thinking things about ourselves that others have said about us. But, they are not the truth. Here is a bit from those pages:

Page 192 begins:

“There are many voices that try to shape the way we think about every part of ourselves—our appearance, our abilities, our potential, and our identity. But those voices can be misleading…

The Bible teaches that our true identity, worth and value of a believer is found in Christ…Wrong thinking about ourselves can lead to what I refer to as a case of “mistaken identity.”  

Page 194:

"We may not do everything right, but God views us as right through our faith in Jesus and His work on the cross for us.” 

My Thoughts about The Mind Connection by Joyce Meyer: [Click to Tweet]

Overall, the book's content feels strained. There are bits of good wording but most of it reads like a stranger wrote it – someone not totally connected to its message. So, my suggestion is to skip this title. I think Joyce has similar themes that are better articulated in her other resources.

I do believe there is a mind-body-spirit connection, but caution as to how much is our responsibility to control is a fine line. It is God who is in the mind and heart transforming business. And that, I believe happens when we know Him and His word more intimately.

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Don't feel like you have to take my word for it. You can find more information about The Mind Connection by Joyce Meyer on Amazon:


  1. Thanks for giving this truthful opinion. I'm not a Joyce fan, but I know many people who are.



  2. Thanks, Susan for reading my post. It isn't easy to review sometimes but this one just didn't strike me.


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