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You Can Begin Again: Book by Joyce Meyer

You can begin again: Book by Joyce Meyer
Have you lost your job?

Are you facing singleness again?

Do you fear the unknown of a diagnosis?

I know many who face a daunting future. They’re not sure of tomorrow and afraid of what to expect.

And, that fear drowns out hope.

But, the message of the Gospel is new life and new beginnings. It is overcoming sin by way of the cross. It is rising above our circumstances to see that our hope is in Christ. Because of His redemption, we no longer have to stay stuck in our cycle of pain. 

Throughout Scripture God says:

Do not be afraid.

You can begin again.

You Can Begin Again: No Matter What, It's Never Too Late

You can begin again: Book by Joyce Meyer
Joyce Meyer’s new book, You can Begin Again, articulates this hope in a way that enables us to take the first step…and then another…

You Can Begin Again is a message of hope—it’s about fresh starts and new beginnings. This book is to remind you that it’s never too late to set out on a new journey with God…in any area of your life.” (You Can Begin Again, hardcover, Page 110)

Using examples in life and in Scripture, You Can Begin Again adeptly explores:

“…One of the core messages of the Bible. Fresh starts aren’t the exception; they’re the rule.” (Click to Tweet) (Backcover copy)

Joyce Meyer shares practical hope in three sections of her book:

New Beginnings – with chapters like:
Get Past Your Past
It’s Never Too Late

What’s Stopping You? – with chapters like:
               Who Do You Think You Are?
               Defeating Unexpected Giants

Today is Your Day – with chapters like:
               Plan B: B Stands for Better
               A New Dream

You can begin again: Book by Joyce Meyer

Everyone needs to know that Jesus is in the transformation business (Click to Tweet)—giving us new life—a new outlook—and a new beginning through His mighty Spirit. 

We are not unlike the people in the Bible who also needed a fresh start:

Moses blew it by killing an Egyptian.

Rahab lived the life of a prostitute.

Ruth lost everything and left her own country.

Peter denied Christ and went back to his fishing boat.

From the beginning of time people have struggled to overcome circumstances, to begin again. The weight of life decisions can speak louder than the hope to get past them.  (Click to Tweet) We think there is no way to change our situation.

The truth is that we have hope in Christ. We CAN begin again; and with His help, overcome life’s obstacles.

You can begin again: Book by Joyce Meyer

Jesus came to give us a second chance. He came to redeem us from sin’s grip and death’s power. Over and over we see God interact with people and set them on a new path—one filled with a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11).

You can begin again: Book by Joyce Meyer

Tomorrow is a new day. A new day means the ability to make new choices. And new choices can free us from the pattern of the past because of the power that dwells within us. 

We are a new creation; we are no longer slaves but freed in Christ.

Joyce Meyer gives us much to think about in this new book. All things are indeed possible with God. You can begin again; no matter what, it’s never too late!

What do you face today? Do you need to begin again? 

How has God given you hope for a new beginning?

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  1. I love that God allows u-turns. In fact, He's all about turning things around and making total changes. Love the way Joyce puts things in such down-to-earth terms.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Judith. I agree. Her words are pointed and practical.

  3. Jeanne, does this book apply only to people who have sinned and need a restart? Or would it be helpful for someone overcoming abuse? My sister loves Joyce Meyer and needs to get past the past and move forward but has been the victim. What do you think?

  4. I think it would be helpful to anyone, Cathy! Just being reminded of God's hand of faithfulness and reading the real life & scriptural examples bring you face to face with the truth of His word in a new way. If you go onto the Amazon link, there is a sample you can download if that helps too.

  5. Cathy, you have won a copy of You Can Begin Again. Contact me with your email address and I will have the publisher send you a copy. Congrats!!!


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