Tuesday, June 02, 2015

It Isn't Easy To Rest

Does Rest Come Easy For You?

I thought it did...but I have a lot to learn about the subject. And, the lesson isn't coming easy to me. It is so difficult to turn my brain off. Click to Tweet This

I feel I need to hear from God. And, I am sure all my rushing is getting in the way. Trying to figure it out. Do my part.

Can you relate?

Thanks for growing with me in this area. I would love to hear your thoughts about how easy or difficult it is for you to rest Click to Tweet This

It isn't easy to rest
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I am "trying" to take some time away from the internet, other than working on my new website launch...which I hope will happen by the end of June.

This is a brief update:

My new website is built. I just need to get my web copy written.

I have recuperated from a bout of shingles and I am taking some supplements to boost my immune system.

June is my birthday month so in honor of my need to REST, I am taking it slow.

Thanks so much for understanding. I will let you know when my new site is up and ready to be bookmarked.

How about you? Does rest come easy for you?


Watch for my post tomorrow called, Gleaning by the Ocean. Rest gives our heart room to hear.

I'm taking next week off so see you on Wednesday, June 17th. My guest, Dr. Michelle Bengtson will be here again with a timely word.


  1. Resting for me is learning that God is watching me and directing my steps every nano second of the day. I think resting and trusting go hand in hand. "He leads me beside the still waters"

  2. Great post, Jeanne. I'm bad about using my down time to read and comment to blogs - like I am right now. :) If Jesus drew aside to rest, I certainly need to. Barbara Jean, I love your reference to Psalm 23.

  3. BarbaraJean, That was one of the verses that came to me this past week. The part that says, "He makes me lie down in green pastures." Thanks for your thoughts. I agree. I know He is watching me. Part of my problem is knowing when to be still and when to march onward.

  4. Thanks for your insight, Sherry. I think the lure of online stuff is the hardest for me too.Maybe I need to either not turn on my computer...or pray for a power outage. LOL


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