Friday, May 08, 2015

Busyness Calls for Rest

What a busy spring this has been! I've gone from being stuck in the house all winter because of the weather to being out every night of the week.

Busyness calls for rest. (Click to Tweet)

Do you know what that's like too?

It all seems good. I don't feel the nudge to say no. But, suddenly I am wondering how in the world I am going to manage it all.  (Click to Tweet)

Truth is, I don't. Something suffers.

Busyness calls for rest

For me, it is usually making my bed in the morning and staying on top of the laundry. They ratchet down the ladder of importance when I am preparing for a speaking event, meeting a deadline or studying for Bible study night.

Yet, I know I can't keep that pace forever. I need to step back and block off my calendar for a few days of rest.

You too?

Jesus understood. In Mark chapter six He tells the disciples to come away for awhile. They had been so busy they hadn't even had time to eat.

Busyness calls for rest
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Photo by Jeanne Doyon

Sound familiar?

So, I am going to hear His voice today and take some time away from the busy schedule I have been keeping - to refresh, recharge and refill.

Will you join me? Because busyness calls for rest.

If you have never taken a personal retreat, I encourage you to try it. Get away for a few hours, a day, or overnight to rest and focus on Him. You'll be surprised at how much you need it. 

It's like thirst; sometimes you don't know your thirsty till you begin to drink. (Click to Tweet)

I look forward to hearing about your time apart from the busyness. And, I will fill you in on mine. If you like, here is some help to plan a sabbatical.

Resting from the busyness,


Joanna Weaver's Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World is a wonderful resource to help address our busyness:

And free on Kindle right now (I just ordered a copy): 

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  1. I shared this is the Bible study I wrote. When I worked with the Shuttle crews, the group who scheduled the tasks for their on-orbit days jealously guarded "white space." This was down time for them to rest or to do things they enjoyed. I'm afraid I'm not too good at that.

  2. Thanks for that, Sherry. I don't know if I am either. And, somehow I over commit, I guess. I need His wisdom for this.

  3. Thanks, Jeanne. As an active writer, poet, and director for the Christian Poets & Writers group on FB, I'm apt to stay on overload! Having a quiet time to begin the day helps me a lot.

  4. Mary, that is so important!! Great advice that sounds so simple but has huge benefits.


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