Friday, May 15, 2015

When We Don't Understand Why

When you don't understand why
Have you ever questioned why?

I have, plenty of times. Like years ago when I found I was pregnant and then developed a pinched nerve. I could sit. I couldn't stand. I couldn't have X-rays. I couldn't take medications. 

I asked why then.

And recently I was diagnosed with shingles. I had a busy spring with lots of deadlines and speaking engagements. I knew I needed to rest and planned to do so. 

When you don't understand why
My calendar was thinning out and I was ready to step back.

Then this strange rash started.


A friend shared this link to Dr. Charles Stanley's message on the subject. And, I am sharing it with you. There is plenty we don't understand. But in the middle of it, I think it's important to ask God, "What are you up to?"

Listen to Dr. Stanley's message, When We Don't Understand Why

I've learned a few things in hindsight to those times when I wondered why. Have you?

I'd love to hear your story.


Resources for when we wonder why:



  1. I try not to ask why because my head tends to get stuck there. I seem to do better when I defer to God. Sometimes, I get in a "Why Rut" and it takes time to get out but I try to remember my Mom used to always say that we were not supposed to ask why on matters divine.

  2. Your mom had good advice, Tonia. I totally understand on having my head stuck in the whys. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Hi Jeanne,

    I can certainly ask "Why" but I don't naturally go there. Instead, as the list of "trials" seems to grow, I get frustrated when I believe I'm at my max. I know I have come a long way from the days of thinking God was always punishing me, but I find I still wonder, more than I care for, what I did wrong and what I'm not getting.

    I had seen that series on Dr. Stanley when it aired and I share this to say I needed it then and I still need it now! I appreciate your post because it grounded me and reminded me that He is with me THROUGH the trials. Rather than feel like I'm not getting it, I can imagine God is gently helping me along one step at a time and today he refreshed me through your blog.

    Listening to Dr. Stanley this morning with fresh eyes helped me to see it's my perspective about our God and my trials that I need to change as I face the challenges in front of me.
    Thank you my friend!

  4. Tammy Sue, thanks for your thoughts. I find it is harder for me to 'figure it out' when I have in the middle of it. It is only afterward I begin to see some of the puzzle pieces causing a fuzzy shape to form.
    I needed this message too - so glad it spoke to you as well.

  5. Jeanne, thanks so much for this post. WHY's tend to come when we face the trial. Most of us aren't asking God WHY when a huge blessing comes to us. I think its part of how we continue to grow in Him. We learn to be content in the face of a WHY. Its a journey that never ends. He says He confides in those how diligently seek Him. I want to be one of those. Much love!

  6. I echo your thoughts, Karen. Thank you. I do think being content in the face of a why is what Paul talks about in Phil. 4. I want to be one of those too - to trust so implicitly that we know He must have our best in mind even when it doesn't make sense.


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