Sunday, August 22, 2010

Coming Alongside

Reading the book of Philemon gives me so much to think about. There is so much I can relate to.

Has anyone come alongside to be with you through a difficult time? It may have been just a kind word or a quick hug, but their presence made all the difference. Or maybe they stuck with you through thick and thin, when everyone else seemed absent.

Just knowing that someone believes in me, gives me a feeling of hope. Hope is contagious.

I think both Paul and Onesimus felt hopeful. Barnabas gave Paul hope in Acts chapter nine when no one trusted him. Paul believed in Onesimus when he wrote the letter to Philemon.
We can all receive hope when we come face to face with Jesus Christ.

If someone was there for you, send them a note or email this week. Tell them how much you appreciate them. And, if you are needing a touch of hope from Jesus – His forgiveness and hope of redemption, just ask Him. He promises to come alongside.


  1. Jeanne thank you for the blog. I appreciate you very much. God has provided me with a stong network of sisters. I may not see them as often as I may want but when I see them, even for a brief minute, it is like a fresh breeze on a hot day. Thanks for being my fresh breeze this week :)I will be praying for the success of your blog. Paula B.

  2. Thank you, Paula. I treasure your friendship too! Thanks for taking the time to share what is in your heart.
    Praying for you as always,

  3. Enjoyed your post, and love your blog!

  4. Love this, Jeanne. Well-written insight. Thank you!


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