Sunday, October 17, 2010

Enjoy What Is....

We anticipated our vacation to Acadia National Park for months. We found a great looking cottage online and began to plan our first ever rent-a-cottage-where-you-can-really-relax vacation. After driving about six hours we pulled into the driveway and beheld our home away for home for the next week. The cottage was overlooking the most beautiful scenery. Nestled in Gull Cove, we could see Mount Desert Island from the deck and side lawn. The sunrises brought the promise of each new day. The rocky shore was just steps down from the lawn and when the tide was out we sat on huge boulders and took in the beauty around us. Yet, when we first arrived, I was a little disappointed in the deck—how petty.

While I was sitting on the deck the next morning with my steaming cup of PG Tips, the early morning sun streamed through the branches and warmed me. As I sat in the Lord's presence, the words, Enjoy what is, don't imagine what could be , came to mind. Heart check!! Here we had found this perfect spot for a quiet vacation surrounded by God's masterful handiwork and I was wishing the deck could be a little bigger...

I do this so often. I envision something and get disappointed when it doesn't fit the image I conjure up in my mind. Truthfully, I have missed out on what God has planned because I am thinking about what could be, rather than what is. I immediately thought of the passage in Philippians 4...think on these things. Whatever is true, whatever is lovely....these are the best tools for contentment and peace.

Once I allowed myself to get past my ungratefulness to focus on God's goodness, I enjoyed our vacation so much more. The trip to Acadia turned out to be the best vacation ever. I just needed to be willing for God to do a little heart check to clear my vision.

How about you? Are you thankful for what is, or thinking about what could be?


  1. A wonderful message Jeanne. Thank you for sharing. Your inspired message is so right on. They translate for me to: When times are good "gratitude", when time are challenging "gratitude", when times are even "gratitude". Be thankful and gratitude for ALL as ALL is meant to teach and inspire us always.

    Your inspired words always make me think. Thank you again.

  2. The attitude of gratitude...what a lovely description I want for my life too! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    It was wonderful to see your family today. I love you all very much!

  3. Hi Jean!
    I could visualize myself on that deck probably thinking or fussing about it also! How easy it is to focus on the negative and to be blind to the positive!

    Great seeing you and John this past weekend.
    Uncle Peter

  4. So true. I am trying to get better at that every day. Feel free to highlight the good stuff for me if I am looking through the microscope instead of the binoculars :)

    It was good to see you also,



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