Sunday, March 25, 2012

Is it Hot in Here?

Hot flashes are part of my world these days. I have learned to dress in layers and to know the nearest escape to the outdoors. Only I can have a temperature of 96.1 (sounds like a radio station) and be in the middle of a power surge.  It’s not fun being so temperature sensitive; I only hope it is a temporary passage of life and not permanent.
This brings up the analogy of being either a thermometer or a thermostat kind of person. A thermometer-person registers the temperature of their surroundings and acts accordingly. If everyone around them is happy; they are happy. If everyone is having a bad day; they are doing the same. If everyone is in a complaining mood; they follow suit.
A thermostat-person sets the temperature of their surroundings. They are not easily affected by those around them and can maintain their calm in the midst of the chaos. They counter the negativity by adding positive behavior and can successfully set and even change the tone of their environment by their actions.
It’s much easier being a thermometer. But, I want so much to be a thermostat. How about you? What kind of environment do you go to each day?  Can you consciously decide to be a thermostat-person and make a positive impact on those around you?
With God’s help, we can!



  1. Jeanne, There is so much truth in your post! I tend to be a thermometer type, joining others in their happiness or their disgruntled fits (at least at home, I do). However, I've noticed God calling my attention to this and have made serious attempts at becoming more of a thermostat at home. Not succumbing to my children's whining and complaining or my hubby's tired reactions. I have determined not to let others steal my joy. For that is found only in Jesus...

  2. I'm having those same heat surges, Jeanne!

    Thanks for another great post - I'd like to be the kind of person who isn't impacted by the changing temps of others, but like you said one who sets the temperature.


  3. I so want to be a thermostat. But by the Grace of GOD there is no way.
    Good analogy! Thanks! Liz

  4. Alycia,

    I struggle too because I like everyone to be happy. And, it is easy for me to get discouraged when the drama takes center stage.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,


  5. Isn't it fun, Joy?!

    It sounds a bit like being salt and light, doesn't it?

    Thanks for stopping in and don't forget to take your Black Cohosh and Vitamin E :)


  6. Thanks for stopping in, Liz. Reminds me of Paul saying, ...for I know the thing I ought to do...

    Thankful for His grace for each day.



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