Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kathy Griffin's Grammy Gumption

Just recently a post appeared on Facebook telling that Kathy Griffin, 2014 Grammy Award winner blasted Jesus during her acceptance speech (watch Youtube) saying, “…Jesus had nothing to do with it. (Expletive) Jesus. This is my god now!” (referring to her Grammy statue). As a clarification, she made these comments during her 2007 award speech.

First,  let me say, we (I include myself) need to be careful of what we see and share on Facebook. I immediately began to write my rebuttal and it wasn't till after I posted, did I see that the date of the Youtube spot was dated 2007. I need to be careful about checking facts too. Some things shared on Facebook are not true--others are there to incite riot in the ranks.

But, that said, I do have my input about the comments Kathy Griffin made--no matter when they were said...

I can’t even guess how God reacts to such blatant idolatry and blasphemy. He will not ignore it.

Will he woo Kathy Griffin to Himself? Certainly.
Will there be a price to pay for her comments? Possibly.
Does He love Kathy Griffin? Absolutely.
If Jesus knocked a persecutor named Saul to the ground on the Damascus Road, He can get Kathy Griffin’s undivided attention too. What He says and how she receives it depends on the pliability of her heart.
I can only pray this His love will thaw her heart and change her mind about His identity. A god of stone or metal can’t do either.
As for the hate speech accusations from fellow believers in Christ – yes, I am offended too. There is never a problem during prime time because someone chose to shout obscenities about Buddha, Mohammed or another god. Apparently it’s okay to use the name of Jesus as a slur but not in praise on prime time television.
But, it helps me to remember that other spiritual leaders can’t defend themselves when slandered – they’re dead. Yet, Jesus is very much alive and will take into account every word that comes out of our mouths and call us to account someday.
The name of Jesus is the hot button—and the target. That hasn’t changed in 2000 years.
His name, no matter how it is used will speak for itself because there is a person behind it. He Himself said, even the rocks would cry out.
Everyone, including Kathy Griffin is able choose to deny the reality and power of God. But the time will come when they will bow to Him as King of Kings and Lord of Lords whether they want to or not.
Though I grieve when I hear Jesus defamed, I know my power to do anything to change it is limited. He is concerned with every one of His creation and will stand up for Himself better than I ever could. I can only act as the steward of my own heart. Until then, I will pray for the Heart-Changer to draw all people, including Kathy Griffin to Himself.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

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  1. I go through stages with things like this. Sometimes they incense me and I get all worked up. Sometimes I ignore them completely as the modern equivalent of Sodomites who are doomed to destruction.

    Unfortunately, I rarely have Jesus' response, which is compassion and heartfelt prayer for them. And if I do, it's after I've worked through one of the other stages first.

    Please God, teach me to have my first response be compassion and prayer for their souls instead of judgment and condemnation or apathy. Through Your Son Christ Jesus I pray, Amen.

  2. I echo your prayer, Kendra. It's easier to see the huge giant of taunting than the heart that needs the touch of the Master. I also pray for a heart like His that drives us to our knees in grief.

  3. Jeanne, when I saw your title, I thought you were going to say that today's music industry in itself is idolatrous.

    I did not watch the show myself, so I did not know about what Kathy said. So, first I was shocked that she would say that. On second thought, it did not really surprise me because it's her style to be outrageous. I wonder why anybody would pay money to hear her speak either in person or in recordings.

    We should pray for her, but we also have to do something about this culture we live in. But what?

  4. I just discovered Kathy gave that speech in 2007. Still valid to respond to...but another warning to myself to watch what is posted online as truth. Those who post incorrect or misleading info to gain irate responses, get the population all lathered up before they check the facts. The youtube video that I checked is blurry--but careful checking does show the 2007 date.
    Yet, I stand by my response to her words...and praying her heart has softened since then

  5. Well written, Jean.
    It's never to late to respond to ugliness tossed at our Savior. It's also not to late to pray for a thawed heart.

    Teach on.

  6. Is it outrageous? Yes. Am I surprised? Unfortunately, no. Consider the source, as you well know, and pray for His righteousness to be revealed to all who seek Him.

  7. Barbara and Carolyn, thanks to you both for your insight. No one can made someone believe in God. It is a work of the Holy Spirit. Our job is to pray and to be salt and light in a dark culture.
    Not easy to do--we need His help especially when the culture turns up the heat.

  8. Thank you, Jeanne, for a well written article. I was listening the night Kathy Griffin spouted her blasphemy. It sickened me and I have not been able to watch her on any program since. It seems the more outrageous you can be, the more lauded you are. The big thing with the movies now is the "F" word. I walked out of one 15 minutes after it started and will not go to movies if I hear in advance to expect it. Ratings alone won't protect you. I believe we are to do something but I don't know what. God give us wisdom and courage to stand for You!

  9. Thanks, Pat for your thoughts. We live in a dark culture--but He came and brought Light to the world. But darkness doesn't like the light because it exposes them.
    Each one of us is transformed when Christ's light shines on our needy hearts. We, like Paul cannot boast in anything but our weakness because there we find God's strength.
    Praying for more light to shine and that the Holy Spirit penetrate the darkness around us.

  10. Jeanne, How sad ..........but this is the culture we live in. We, too, were blind......so as Jesus encourages us to do, we pray for these people. Just looking at the TV lineup of programs, shows us where our world is spiritually. Thank you, Jeanne Love Mom

  11. So true, Mom. Thanks for your comment today. Remembering that we, too were lost before we found life in Christ through the cross, helps us to pray for those who don't know Him yet. He died for my sins too. He died for all. It is up to each one of us to choose to accept His gift and follow Him.

  12. You speak with grace and Truth. You are so right.. Jesus is still alive to hear these words and He will be the one to exact justice. But what a great reminder that His greatest desire is to win the heart of Kathy Griffin and for our Lord that would be the sweetest revenge.

  13. Well said, Jane. Paul spewed venomous words yet Jesus redeemed His life from the pit where he was headed.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

  14. Thanks for another powerful reminder that we are not anyone's Holy Spirit. Like others have said, it breaks my heart to hear it, although I'm not surprised anymore.

    And then when you add in the political correctness issue (it's okay to attack Christianity and Jesus, but everything else is off-limits), my sadness for America comes into the mix.

    As others have said, I tend to rise up in anger first and sometimes later respond in a more Christ-like manner. Oh, that I would be a winsome witness in a way that would draw others to Him!

  15. Thanks for your thoughts on this tender subject, Vonda. Oh, for the gumption to stand up for Jesus and to kneel in His presence on behalf of others.


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