Wednesday, April 02, 2014

I AM Jesus

On any given day I hear someone say:
 I am…

I am the champion.
I am an Olympic gold medalist.
I am the winner of American Idol.
I am the boss.
I am someone…

I look to this phrase, I am, with expectation. I trust that this is someone who knows. They have the authority and experience so I need to take notice.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus mentions seven ‘I AM’ statements. He tells us,

I AM the Bread (6:35)

I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life (14:6)

I AM the Vine (15:5)

NOTE: The name, I AM, goes back to Exodus 3:14 when Moses asked God how the people would know who sent him. God replies, "tell them I Am that I Am, has sent you."  

Jesus gets some attention with this calling card in John 8:58.

Here at The Stream’s Edge we will look at each of these identities over the coming weeks. Each holds a truth to His identity. Every name helps us to trust Him more.  First, He calls Himself the Bread of Life. He also tells anyone who is thirsty to come for His living water.

Bread has long been the staple of our diet. During war time food shortages, bread lines formed to provide the much needed nutrition—yet there was never enough. Those who arrived too late were disappointed.

My grandmother experienced the food rationing earlier in the last century. And, it seventy years later it wasn’t unusual for her to cut the edges off the bread where one of the grandchildren nibbled to save what was left. Habits of conserving food are not easily left behind just because the grocery store shelves have plenty.

Lack of bread has caused people to do things they wouldn’t normally do, stealing food to survive.

Jean Valjean went to prison for stealing bread in Les Miserables.

Without bread children go to bed hungry.

Without enough, a mother gives to her children what little she has while the gnawing in her belly grows louder.

All over the world, news graphically portrays the effects of hunger because of the need for daily bread.

When Jesus calls Himself the bread of life, He’s telling us He is the source of our sustenance. He is what we need to live and only He will satisfy our inner hunger. He is also called The Word--and we are to live on every word that comes from God.

In John chapter six Jesus reminds the people of the manna given to the Israelites in the wilderness. Fresh wafer-like bread covered the ground every morning. The people were to gather just what they needed to eat for that day. If they tried to gather more than they needed it would spoil. And, if hoarded until the next day it was full of worms. The only exception, they were told to gather a double portion on the eve of the Sabbath—and that extra portion didn’t spoil. It fed them on their day of rest.

This powerful object lesson of God’s faithful provision needed to be taught to former slaves who didn’t trust anyone. Their belief and trust in God had been beaten out of them during their 400 years of captivity in Egypt.

Like the Israelites, we also need to learn that He is the provider of all our needs—our daily bread. Jesus says, “I AM the Bread of Life. He who comes to me will never go hungry…” John 6:35

How has He provided your daily needs? I’d love to hear your thoughts about Jesus, the Bread.
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Join me next time when we’ll talk about the Source of Living Water....Jesus.
Warren Wiersbe's book, Jesus in the Present is a wonderful resource for more about the I AM statements of Jesus:


  1. I am so blessed that I'm able to begin my day with a cup of tea and a leisurely time with God's Word. It is the Bread that satisfies me all day long.
    I'm looking forward to your posts over the coming weeks.

  2. Beautiful truth, Jeanne. And I'm also reminded that we need bread--and THE Bread--daily.

    Thank you for the reminder.

  3. My apologies to you both--Sherry and Vonda. We are still experiencing internet trouble and have been disconnected for days. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I've always been intrigued by these I AM statements. God told Moses his name was I AM--and then we see Jesus expounding on it in the New Testament. Please share your insights with everyone here. I love learning from one another.

  4. No need to apologize, Jeanne! I've had internet problems, computer problems and, sometimes, brain problems. :)

  5. What I love about this is the simplicity of bread. Jesus does not say he is the sirloin steak of life, or the caviar and champagne. He is the bread which is simple and even in the hardest times, as you have written about, bread is usually one of the few things available and accessible to all. There is a delightful children's book entitled, "Everyone Eats Bread" and it follows a child's journey around the neighborhood learning about all the different kinds of breads made by her neighbors of so many different cultures - flat breads and quick breads and yeast breads and sweet breads - there is simplicity, availability and diversity in bread - as in God's kingdom!

  6. Thanks for this post, Jeanne. My mom has always prayed for her daily bread. Later in life she explained she meant both her physical and spiritual food. When she and I pray the Lord's Prayer together, although she's lost much of who she is to dementia, this beautiful prayer, and the daily bread part are still part of her. She recites the words carefully - like a child. I may detest dementia, but I love this part of her faith that is still vibrant.

  7. Sue, the book sounds wonderful. I will have to look it up. I love your thought of simplicity; isn't that what the Gospel is! Bread of Life--Jesus is all we need.

  8. Joy, what a lovely testimony of His faithful word--it becomes part of who we are. It fills the essence of our being and we draw on its Truth all our lives. It is like those in the nursing homes who love the old hymns. They many be forgetful in other areas, but those words flow from their heart.

  9. Still having internet trouble. Thanks for your patience. I am sitting in a rest area near the tower in order to send out these comments. What we won't do for technology LOL


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