Sunday, December 28, 2014

Best Christmas Gifts Can't Be Bought at the Store

The last time our family was together was two years ago. For me, the best Christmas gift I received this year didn't come from a store.

Everyone arrived home last weekend from Georgia, Virginia and Colorado. And, what does a mom do? Feed them! I cooked and they ate. Then we took walks to ward off the holiday pounds.

We did things together like, antiquing in Putnam, CT. You never know what you might find when you poke around in the shops. 

Then we ate at Nikki’s Dog House (famous for their Coney dogs) which is a bit of nostalgia too. It’s a 70’s style restaurant with vinyl booths and model trains chugging around the ceiling while old cartoons run on a corner TV screen.

We went to see The Hobbit at the theater and then went for pizza at Papa Gino’s; we took our kids there during their growing up years, so we decided to go for lunch just like old times. 

Christmas Eve has always been a favorite at our house. This year we ordered Chinese food from Jade Garden – another one of our favorite haunts. Christmas movies, opening gifts and eating the chocolate cream pie that came out better than I expected filled our evening with laughter and fun. I had mistakenly bought one instant and one cook and serve pudding mix for the pie. One thing I discovered, just go with the flow. I cooked the two boxes and it came out just fine.

A road trip to Maine to see extended family on Christmas day rounded out our celebrations together. Funny stories, more food, more antiques and family time—it doesn’t get any better than that!

Today, after a week of bustling conversations and fun, my children have gone home. It’s been two years since the last time we were all together. We created more family memories this week and tried to make up for the time we've been away from one another. What a precious gift—definitely my favorite gift this Christmas.

The last of the gift wrap went out to the trash bins this morning. Dishes are drip drying next to the sink. And memories of sweet conversation linger to be treasured all year.

I understand a bit more about when I read that, Mary pondered all of these things and treasured them in her heart. The gift of family is something I truly treasure.

What treasured gifts are you pondering today?

Feeling Blessed this Christmas,



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Antique Shop finds - Photos by Jeanne Doyon
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  1. Having family all together makes for a wonderful Christmas. We had our kids and g-kids together the weekend before Christmas, but sadly, one was sick. :-( But still we laughed a lot and ate a lot and hugged a lot. Yes, a blessed Christmas indeed!

  2. Precious memory making, Vonda. Thanks for sharing this. I will remember the funny things said and the hugs shared.


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