Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Do not be afraid....only believe." Mark 5:36

Being afraid is probably the biggest obstacle for me when it comes to believing. I think the enemy loves it when I "what if" everything to death. The what-ifs act like bungey cords around my heart...no way am I going to let go of all the possible pitfalls.

As I read the passage in Mark 5, Jesus is on His way to the home of a synogogue offical named Jairus. Jairus has pleaded with Jesus to heal his daughter who is sick at home. While traveling, the crowd following Jesus gets thicker and they begin to press in on Him and the disciples. Jesus notices that power has been released, and finds that a woman who has been bleeding for twelve years was healed simply by touching the hem of his garment.

I can imagine the crowd being amazed at this unfolding before their eyes. The woman, outcast because of her uncleaness has been not only healed of her issue of blood, but restored to her community as well when Jesus proclaimed her healed.

Jairus was witnessing all of this when a member of his household interupts with news that it is too late; his daughter has died so there is no need for Jesus to concern Himself anymore.

Enter what-if pitfalls for Jairus....
Whatever faith he possessed evaporated when he heard the news that his daughter was dead. Yet, Jesus says:

"DO NOT BE AFRAID ANY LONGER, ONLY BELIEVE." (Mark 5:36)  * The word here means, keep on believing.

This story encourages me that it is never too late for God. I shouldn't get discouraged or lose heart. God is able to heal Jairus's daughter whether he arrives late or not. It also shows me that I can't allow fear to get in the way of believing. Often circumstances can begin to overwhelm belief, but this passage shows me that I need to keep my God in focus--because nothing is impossible with Him (I learned this from the Angel's visit to Mary).

So, I commit to believe and not be fearful about:

1. Medical issues, medications, decisions, next steps
2. My sister's need of full time work, financial needs, housing needs, decisions
3. Taking on writing a Bible study
4. A friend's needs
5. How to use my writing and speaking this year
6. My children's spiritual walk
7. My extended family's HUGE needs

I could continue on....

Are you fearful about things? How can you believe past your fears?

Only believe,



  1. Hi Jeanne,
    These last few articles have really blessed me so much. They hit a cord and the Lord used them to speak into some situations that only He knew.

    You've done such a great job. The Lord is definitely using you as His megaphone.

    Thanks so much.
    Anita Vieira

  2. Anita,

    Praying with you as you believe Him for whatever is ahead.


    PS Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. This is so timely for me, Jeanne. Just yesterday in my devotion, "Jesus Calling," I read that we should tell God our needs, and then thank Him for what He is already doing about it. In other words, we verbalize the prayer and then leave it, knowing He will do what is best. After that, we simply continue to thank Him. That's what I'm trying to do...thank Him for how He's working behind the scenes to bring about His best for me in every situation, regardless of how I feel.

  4. Vonda,

    I think this is so true for all of us. One of the reasons God speaks about us as a body...we are able to speak encouragement to one another and offer fresh perspective on His promises.


  5. A nice way to start the day!
    Uncle Peter

  6. Ha! You've got me down perfectly.

    I was just telling our Elder that Fear is my greatest enemy.

    Thanks for the insights, Jeanne.

  7. Jean,

    Fear is a huge one for me too. I think it is an all too common tool of the enemy. Yet, God's word says that perfect love casts out fear. Perfect love. Jesus.

    It's just hard to get our hearts and brains around that isn't it.


  8. Glad your day is starting well, Uncle Peter.


  9. Hello thanks for sharing. I am encouraged.

  10. Anonymous,
    So glad you're encouraged. I hope your steps toward belief in HIM strengthen you. If I can help point you to more of HIM, let me know.

  11. I am engaged to be married to a wonderful man of God, compassionate, loving, humble, generous, caring, responsible, a leader, an example of Christ-likeness, a man of great faith, Christ centered, with a heart for the lost. He is everything I asked for and then some. Sometimes I fear whether I really love him or not, whether I can be happy with him or not, whether one day we will divorce because of my fears and sometimes lack of feelings. I've felt God speak to my heart in a still small voice that I am on the right path, that He led this man into my life and that everything I need to follow through with the decision to marry him will be provided. I've also been given words from people who don't even know the thoughts of my soul that indicated that I'm on the right path. But I still fear that I'm somehow outside God's will. I just want this fear and these reservations to subside. I want to believe with all of my heart (not just a part of it) that I am doing the right thing and that I'm not making a mistake. It's not like I'm an 18 year old...I'm nearly 30 and have had my share of relationships. I knew what I wanted and this man is everything I wanted. I just can't seem to avoid being overwhelmed by fear and disbelief.

  12. Hi Heidi,

    I encourage you to do a couple of things:
    Seek wise counsel - wise women in your church, pastor, counselor
    Ask if there is a root to your fear
    Ask yourself what are you afraid of--really

    Father, I pray that you will show Heidi what is really rumbling around in her heart over this. And lead her. Help her to seek wise counsel. Help her to be open with her feelings to her fiance'. Reveal the truth of what her fear looks like and help to see it clearly.

    Fear can be a protection or a hindrance. So discerning it is a must. I hope this helps....I am praying for you
    I would also suggest pastoral counseling as a couple.

  13. Hi Jeanne,

    I was reading Mark 5 and amazed with what Jesus said “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”. I tried to search the internet to find out what is the meaning of this verse then i reached your blog.

    I think this blog you wrote already 5 years old and I wonder after you committed to "JUST BELIEVE" 5 year ago ... have you ever experienced same level of miracle or wonder that Jesus did to Jarius ? or could you share more insight after these 5 years ?

    btw i wont be surprised if you really have that experience personally.

    GOD bless you


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