Monday, October 22, 2012

Here I Am, Send Me

As the Father has sent me, I AM sending you ~ John 20:21(NIV)

This passage in John’s gospel finds the disciples huddled behind locked doors after the crucifixion of Christ. They are fearful of their lives, hiding because of their association with Jesus. Suddenly Jesus is there with them, showing His scarred hands and feet, renewing their faith in the One Sent from God.
When I think of being sent, I think of missionaries, but according to Hans Franzen, Director of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship here in Connecticut, who brought forth this message during our mission week:


Jesus sent the disciples—twelve ordinary men into the world with the message of hope and life. They impacted the world, birthing the gospel into every culture they encountered. We also are given the message of hope and then sent into the world to make a difference—to be salt and light and to point others to Jesus.
When we encounter the Risen Christ in our most dark and fearful places, He gives us the bold confidence to carry His message; whether it’s into vocational ministry or ministry to your vocation, we are an arrow sent from God’s bow that brings Truth to a needy world.
During this time of recuperation (I see the orthopedic doctor this week) I have wondered whether God slowed me down for a reason. As I meditate on this passage, I’m more mindful that He is indeed sending me….somewhere.
Will you go?



  1. "...whether it’s into vocational ministry or ministry to your vocation" Never heard it put that way. It is an inspired statement. love it. Loved the ending too.

  2. Thank you for stopping in, Andy. We truly are ALL missionaries to our world--wherever that may be.


  3. The first time I heard the song, "Here I am Lord",I knew that I was being called out to some mission and that was in 1984. Whether large or small, foreign or domestic, the call to these missions has been a blessing on me by God. The song is based on Isaiah 6 (Dan Schutte) and even today when I hear it sung, the effect is the same as back in '84. I know that something will be asked of me and no matter what I will respond,"Here I am, send me!"
    Judith Coopy

  4. Oh Judith! that song brings me to tears. I can't make it through without sobbing.

    Thanks for sharing it with me,


  5. Thank you for the reminder, Jeanne. In our effort to "do" our ministries, it's easy to forget what we're really called to do: Go. Tell.

  6. This message was another confirmation of call for me. As much as I know about "go into all the world and make disciples..." for some reason it pointed out His personal call to me to go wherever He leads.

    Thanks, Vonda...

  7. Hey Jeanne, having been laid up by migraines or recovering from surgeries, I do understand. You wonder if you can minister from bed. I've learned a couple of ways to redeem the time.

    1) I can always pray from my bed. It's a great time to intercede for others.
    2) I find I can minister online, too! And that can come from posting on other's blogs, writing for my blog, leaving encouraging notes for friends on FB.

    And see, your post made me and others think about being sent! Isn't God good?

    Hope your recovery does go well!
    Blessings, Mary

  8. Thanks for your post and your encouragement, Mary. Yes, these times are never wasted. I always learn something deeper about myself and about the LORD.

    I am recuperating well. Just waiting for the all clear next week from the doctor--yet the hurricane/storm is due to hit so we will see whether we get cancelled again :)

    All in His time,



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