Saturday, December 29, 2012

Joseph, A Story of Hope

 I have favorite stories in the Bible; true events meant to whisper the message of God’s love into our lives. One of my favorites is Joseph’s story. I never tire of the intrigue; it would make a great blockbuster movie. What is it about this best loved, spoiled son of Jacob the keeps me coming back to its pages? His life is filled with hope. No matter what happens, God is with Him. No matter what befalls him, the Lord brings him into favor with the one in charge. Every seeming blunder is a building block to purpose—God’s purpose. 

After many terrible events, Joseph, because of interpreting Pharoah’s dream is placed in power and holds the key to Egypt’s granary. A severe famine has struck Egypt and surrounding countries and Jacob (Joseph’s father) sends his sons to buy grain from Egypt before they die of hunger. Jacob doesn’t allow Benjamin, his younger son of Rachel to go, after all he has already lost one son—Benjamin’s older brother, Joseph. 

Joseph’s brothers set out for Egypt and through a turn of events are in the presence of their long lost brother whom they sold into slavery. Of course, they don’t recognize him in his Egyptian garb. Joseph sends them back with strict instructions to bring Benjamin—to prove they were not spies. Joseph shakes things up a little with his probing questions and mistrustful words.  The brothers still don’t know it is Joseph they are bowing down to; but Joseph’s dream from many years ago is coming true right before his eyes.  

Joseph holds Simeon as ransom while the others agree to bring Benjamin along on their next trip. The odds of being spies as Joseph charged are stacked against the sons of Jacob when Joseph has the grain money hidden in each of their grain sacks, discovered at their first stop to lodge for the night. 

When it comes time to return to Egypt for more grain, they know they must bring Benjamin. Jacob isn’t happy about it but they know they won’t get any more grain, or their big brother, Simeon back without Benjamin’s presence. Big brother, Judah vows to protect Benjamin no matter what happens. And, even says that he will be a surety for his brother’s safety.  

Then it struck me; Jesus comes from the line of Judah. Judah promised safety and protection to his brother, Benjamin, putting his own life on the line. Jesus promises to be our surety. He offered Himself as our substitution; His life for ours. This is one more layer of hope in the story of Joseph. 

I knew I loved this story! As I look ahead to the new year, because of Joseph, I can be sure of a couple of things: Jesus is watching out for me and all things that happen in my life will be for God’s bigger purpose. 

What glimpses of hope have you received through God’s love letter? What story do you love?

Looking forward to spending time with you in 2013,

Read Joseph's story in Genesis 37- 45



  1. I love the story of Joseph! I love how God allowed his hardship to be the stepping stone to some of God's mightiest miracles.

  2. Me too, Vonda. It is hard to see it when you are in the midst of the chaos..but when we can see with His eyes of hope, we can believe that there is more than meets the eye in any situation. So, you are free to remind me of this when life gets sticky.

  3. Joseph's story inspires us to never, ever, ever give up on a God given dream. I wonder how Mrs. Potipher felt when Joseph became the number 2 man in Egypt? I have a group Christian Blogger-Cross Currents. Why not join and post a link to your blog there?

  4. Hi Mary....good thinking; I wonder how she reacted too.
    Contact me with more info about your blog sharing--how do I find you?

  5. Hi Jeanne, Joseph's story is inspiring indeed. God always keeps His promises, which gives us hope for all He has called us to. He will bring about His purposes in His perfect timeing.

    Love ~ Danie

  6. Hi Jeanne, Joseph's story is inspiration for us all. It shows God's perfect timing for all He's called us to, and that he can be trusted.

    Blessings ~ Danie

  7. Danie,
    Thanks for stopping in...yes; perfect timing and trustworthy. We can trust His purposes even when they don't make sense.

  8. Great reminder of hope in this amazing story of Joseph, Jeanne . . . I camp on the passage in how God turns good out of evil . . .this is a jewel of hope for me.

  9. For me too, Verna. It is so easy for me to drown in the middle of the mire--Joseph's story helps me to remember that both God knows my struggle and that He is working out the circumstances for His best for me and those around me.


  10. I too love this story about amazing forgiveness and God's providing for his people.

  11. Thanks for stopping by, Kady. I love the layers of Joseph's story. And, when I picture myself in his shoes....I lose hope in the pit where his brothers tossed him. Yet, he kept going with his integrity intact. So much to learn from him :)


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