Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday?

 Ever wonder how Good Friday can be called good? 

They plotted. They planned. Then they got Judas to lead them to Jesus. Jesus was innocent—He had done no wrong except to challenge the thinking of those who thought they had it all figured out. Though Jesus had healed, fed, restored, forgiven, taught and raised Lazarus from the dead, they saw Him as a threat to their realm of power. 

Though the crowd hailed Him as king and shouted hosannas over him at the beginning of the week as He entered Jerusalem; their tune changed to “Crucify” on Friday. 

Washed hands 

Turned heads 

Lying witnesses 

There Jesus stood alone. Scorned, rejected, mocked and beaten. 

He could have called legions of Angels to His rescue. Instead He stayed silent. He took the punishment: the lashes of the whip, punches to His face, wore a crown of thorns pressed into his brow and mockers’ spit on His beard.  

Silently He bore them out of love. 

He hung on a cross—gasping for breath. Among the last words He spoke were, ‘Father, forgive them’. He became the spotless lamb, the one without sin—the only one who could take our sin away. 

The rulers were relieved and thought it was over. 

His followers felt confused. 

Satan pumped his fist thinking he finally got the victory. 

Yet, Friday became good. In the depth of the tomb where the body of Jesus lay—alone, the third day was coming. Friday became good because Jesus didn’t stay in the tomb—just three days was all that was needed to redeem us from the grip of sin and death. Resurrection brought forth redemption. Redemption covered our sin forevermore. Jesus took our punishment and paid our debt.

So it may be Friday when darkness covered the land. But, Sunday’s coming….Jesus burst forth, rose on the third day and took His place as Lord of all. He is the light of the world.

He didn’t suffer without a reason—we needed to be freed from Satan’s hold of death. 

Because of Good Friday, we are free when we believe who Jesus is, why He came and our need of a savior. 

Satan believes in Jesus. Satan knows the word of God. But, Satan will never acknowledge Jesus as Lord of all.

How about you?
May this Good Friday burst forth and bring salvation into your hearts, and light to your soul.


  1. Wonderfully put!
    You are a great writer and I hope to continue reading your posts.


  2. Thanks for stopping in, Sean. And thanks for your comment and encouragement.

    He is risen!

  3. Thanks Jeanne, This is beautifully written for such a sobering subject. It's hard to imagine the depths of what Jesus suffered for us. Heavy thoughts. "But, Sunday's coming ..." as you said! I love the way you included an invitation at the end too.

    Many blessings to you and yours this Easter.

    Love in Christ our risen Lord and Savior,

  4. Thank you, Emily. I cannot imagine what it must have been like as a bystander on that Friday. To be a disciple and see your hope be the soldier who realized Jesus was who He said He was, yet too late....To be Peter who denied Him....the other disciples who were see Barabbas go free.
    It's mind boggling!

  5. A friend of mine always says He was put in a borrowed tomb because He wasn't going to need it but a few days!

  6. Thanks for stopping in, Vera. I appreciate your comment

  7. Such a beautiful post, Jeanne. What Jesus suffered for me is beyond all I can imagine. There are not enough words to thank Him and not enough words to praise Him

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Good Friday, Sherry. We indeed have so much to be thankful for


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