Monday, March 04, 2013

New Life - New Beginnings

Winter is finally waning here in New England. We’ve been clobbered by storms and sunshine has been hidden. I think a couple of weeks in a sunny climate during February or March would be a good idea. It’s not a passing fancy—every year I think the same thing. My full-spectrum light is barely keeping my foggy head above water and I am on the lookout for any sign of spring.  

I walk every day hoping to see a swelling bud or hardy crocus. I notice the subtle changes in the landscape; shrinking snow piles, widening roads, and the changing track of the sun (when it decides to appear). March is the home stretch. I can do it, one day at a time. 

It helps to have a pre-spring plan. Will I plant something different in my herb garden? Where will I place my shepherd hooks to display my flowering pots? I imagine my lawn chair settled nicely in the shade waiting for me. And, I picture the bursting colors outside. 

Spring is all about hope; I love seeing new growth and new life awakening in the dormant world outside. Spring is full of promise. The trees, gray and lifeless come to life again with renewed beauty. Oh, how I long for it! 

The wintered soul also longs for new beginnings—new growth, swelling buds on pruned branches—new life. Lifelessness can be transformed through the promise of Christ. The old is gone, the new has come. The Risen Jesus breathes life into the withered heart and causes it to burst with hope. Hope in the One who redeems the darkness and shines light in our world.

Jesus came to chase away the darkness of sin and death. He accomplished victory on the cross—sin forgiven—spiritual death defeated—eternal life offered to all who believe and call on His name. He took on your sin, my sin and paid the debt so we can be free. We can stand before a Holy God without condemnation because of Jesus.  

No sin is too great. The Easter season is a reminder that He paid it all and washes away our guilt by His blood, shed on Calvary’s cross. But death couldn’t hold Him because victory and forgiveness were being accomplished in the tomb. When He rose on the third day, our chains fell off—death and sin no longer could bind us. We are set free by the Lamb of God who came to take away the sin of the world.

Do you know Jesus? He calls each one to Himself—the question is whether you will believe or turn away. 

Salvation is simple:  

Acknowledge my sin and need for forgiveness; this separates me from God 

See Jesus as the only One who can pay the price; His final sacrifice was necessary 

Ask Him to take away my sin and shame; He restores me to a relationship with God 

Believe in Him as the One who saves and redeems; embrace Him as Savior 

Through Christ you are cleansed from sin and in relationship with God for eternity.  

He gives you a heart to please Him and a Spirit within you to desire Him and live rightly. He sent His Holy Spirit to indwell everyone who calls on the name of Jesus as LORD to empower us to live our lives with a power that is far beyond our own—making a difference for eternity. 

I pray that winter is waning in your soul as hope grows through the message of Jesus Christ. Spring revives the earth and the gospel message revives the heart. 

If you have called on the name of Jesus today, will you let me know?  Send me an email and I will be privileged to pray for you and encourage you in your next steps of faith. Or, maybe like me, you need a fresh glimpse of His work in your life—renewal—revival. I pray He showers you with rain of refreshment.

Praying for spring to come,





  1. Praise God for new beginnings. Nice post, Jeanne.

  2. Praise Him, indeed!! Thanks for your comment, LC

  3. Beautiful post of truth, Jeanne. This is a keeper to refer others to!

  4. Great post Jeanne....Grateful Easter is early this year, spring will have to catch up with it, cause it sure wants to hang on...

  5. Thank you, Vonda. There is such an opportunity to share Him during this time of year!!

  6. Glenda, it has been quite a winter. We have another storm on tap for tomorrow through Friday. Though today felt like a nice early spring day with sunshine--it was glorious!

  7. Hi Jeanne,
    Up in the Northern Adirondacks we have had 2-7 inches of snow everyday since Feb 15. Thus, nothing looks like spring, can't see a bud, blade of grass, or bee bubble. However, we do see beautiful moose, deer, and turkeys all still dressed in their winter finery. My neighbor (65)went swimming in his favorite pond to celebrate March...he needed to be sure he could get in his monthly polar bear swim. I can only image what the mind of God has on the way for us. I eagerly await that fresh breath for the earth that God sends us called Spring.

  8. I love the change of seasons, Judith. I really wouldn't change it. It is the very gray winters I struggle with most but they are not all like that.
    I treasure the beauty of freshly fallen snow. I love when the snow clings to the tree branches like boiled frosting. And the sweet serenity of being inside watching the snow drift lazily from the sky is a definition of peace. But O how I love the reawakening for the world to the hope of spring.
    Tomorrow we have another storm on the way....they say 8-12 inches. We are going to earn our spring this year :)

  9. Sweet post Jeanne. I love spring, too, and the hope it inspires. We're expecting rain tonight-Thursday, but we need it. And here in N. CA. spring has sprung! The trees are donning a colorful display. Neighbors daffodils are blooming, and the bulbs my husband planted this year are pushing back the ground. I can't wait to see their garb. Now, to keep the deer away, and that bunny we saw in our yard one night last week. LOL
    Love ~ Danie

  10. We have another round of winter on the way--but the signs of spring are there. Today was lovely and sunny in the 40's :)

  11. Love it!
    No signs of spring here - we've had more snow in the past two weeks than we've had in two years. LOL
    Thankfully we can always see the Son when we look for Him. :-)

  12. Amen to that, Barb. We are getting more winter weather over the next couple of days. Huddled in...

  13. Dear Jeanne,
    I love your message. It speaks hope into my soul. It reveals Father's love and His constant desire to lift us into the glorious liberty of hope.
    I love you,

  14. One of my favorite verses in Hebrews says, hope is the anchor of the soul. And He is our Hope! Thanks for your kind word and heart, Margie


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