Monday, April 22, 2013

Fear: The Battle of the Mind

I’m just a big chicken! 

What am I afraid of? ….depends on the day.

Once fear takes hold, it free falls and mingles with every thought…every word…every situation.

I have discovered fear is a battle of the mind.

Most of my fears never come to pass. But, I build them up in my mind and they become an ogre hiding under the bed.

I do mental gymnastics to avoid anything that conjures up my fear’s reality. I avoid situations. Build walls around me. Make excuses. I pretend. Bring along a friend. I spiritualize.

I do whatever it takes to keep fear hidden.

Even stop living.

Fear is always bigger when we don't face it. Not talking about it causes the fear to grow in size, sprout claws and sharp fangs, enlarging its power over us.

Fear holds us captive with invisible chains that encircle and squeeze so our life is crippled. We cannot embrace or enjoy life when fear has tightened its grip.

It is only through the power of Jesus Christ that the chains are loosed.

Remembering that Perfect Love—God—casts out fear, will help us to know who is on our side. He is the one that fights the battle for us. The darkness of fear is exposed in His Light as the Truth sets us free from the powers that hold us captive.

I am not an expert on the subject of fear. I only know I have grappled with it for years. Sometimes it was winning. And others I gained glimpses into what was really going on to understand my reaction.

I do know I have wanted to understand more of what “perfect love casting out fear” means in my everyday life—to my fears—to my battles. Someone once said that fear is the absence of God. Something to think about.

God IS Love. So, He is the One who chases away fear. He is already victorious through the battle on the cross. His presence brings peace, because His name is Peace.

So, if I am fearful, I know I need more of Him. Lloyd John Oglivie says,
“We can’t evict fear on our own. Only Christ can do that. The secret is to focus on Him and not on our fears.”  
~ Facing the Future Without Fear (pg 47)

When we see God as Mighty, All powerful, Able…His power overrules our fear. And, the way we discover who God is, is to delve into His word and see how He met the needs of those who faced fears. He will meet us there and show us more about Himself.

Is fear reigning in your life? Do you need more of Him?

I would love to hear how He is delivering you,
* Lloyd John Oglivie's book is out of print but can be found on




  1. Hi Jeanne!
    Thank you! Fear is indeed a battle of the mind and remembering that God loves us, can chase that fear away.
    Arthur Blessit walked through every nation on earth with a huge wooden cross on his shoulders, spreading the gospel. He endured many dangers but has the most amazing testimonies of how God saved and protected him during the forty years of his mission. He said something that stuck with me: "the savest place to be, is in God's will"
    So now I ask to be in God's will every day and I know Him in all my ways, even small things. I'll have to write a book on all the many ways He has stepped into situations in me and my husband's lifes. He is awesome!!

  2. I think others would be encouraged by your stories....have your written any down yet?
    I am preparing a book project about fear and would love to include one from you when the time comes.

  3. I go between no fear and lots of fear. It's interesting how easily I can move from one to the other. But God is the same. Forever powerful, forever in control.

    When will I learn to totally trust Him?

  4. No, not yet. But I'm planning on. Actually all Christians should write their stories down, because we forget so quickly and get so discouraged when things go wrong. It will help to then go back and read what God did for you in the past!
    Will let you know when it happens!
    God bless :)

  5. Fear is one of the enemy's primary weapons. So we will probably battle it in this life--but you are right. He is all powerful. It is a matter of focus for me

  6. "I build them up in my mind and they become an ogre under my bed". What a compelling description of how we make fear so paramount in our lives. Just as when I was a kid and sometimes afraid to get out of bed for fear of what might be under there. Like the ogre, most of the time it's not even there, but keeps us stuck anyway. Great post Jeanne!

  7. So true, Carol. Jesus said he came to set the captive free. I believe that has to do with our fears too

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  8. Years ago I saw a sign in front of a barbeque place (of all places!) that said "God is bigger than any problem I have." I try to remember that when the fear comes upon me. Thanks for your post, Jeanne...

  9. Thanks for that, Carol. There must be a story behind that sign and the BBQ place :)

    He is Bigger, that's for sure!

  10. I recently saw a good quote. Fear is the interest we pay on a debt we may never owe. So true. God isn't the author of fear, but of peace, love, and soundness of mind. Thanks, Jeanne.

  11. Great quote, Janet. Thanks for sharing it.

    Fear is pervasive but God is able to dispel our fears.


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