Saturday, May 11, 2013

Trusting the Pilot

Air travel is as old as the Wright Brothers, yet even after decades of discovery people are still fearful of flying. Biplanes are a novel form of flight that dates back to an early time period. The Red Baron flew a spiffy red version during WW1. Compared to the armored jets we are used to they don’t appear to be the safest with their fluid dual wingspan and wire suspensions. They are something we are more likely to see in a museum than in the sky.

Well, I got to see one up close. Actually, my husband, John and I flew in a WACO biplane just recently. Our pilot, Phil, of Lakes Biplane, guided us around like a proud Papa, showing off his first-born. After a pre-flight safety check, He settled us into the double cockpit in front. Safety harnesses and headsets in place, we got ready for take-off. Phil climbed into the rear cockpit and we tested our headsets. He planned to do some fancy moves and wanted to check in with us to see how we (mostly me) handled them.  

As we taxied to the short runway, Phil told us he can’t see what’s in front of him at all when he’s taking off, landing or flying. This is not something a passenger wants to hear. Actually, biplanes are famous for blind spots. Yet, in listening to Phil describe his love of the biplane’s simpler form of flying, I wasn’t afraid. 

I can’t explain it, but I trusted our pilot. 

Phil’s knowledge and experience got us into the air and we enjoyed the most amazing scenery over the lakes region of New Hampshire. I don’t know all the technical terms of how all of it works, but experiencing a wingover maneuver was pretty spectacular. That’s when the plane goes into a turn and then lingers in mid-air, looking like it’s standing on its wing. This showy display actually enables the plane to change its direction without losing much altitude and speed. Phil told me to keep my eyes on the horizon to guard against dizziness—it worked. The incredible thing: I, Miss-Fearful-of-lots-of-things wasn’t afraid. I trusted the pilot’s ability to bring the biplane level again.
Phil's photo from the cockpit while doing a wingover

 It’s not unlike my trust in God to navigate me through life’s wingovers. When circumstances cause me to tip over and suspend in midair not knowing which way is up, God’s full knowledge and experience is trustworthy. I know He will navigate me through the tight turns and blind spots. The ride may be bumpy at times, but He has everything under control.

Phil and his baby

In order take on any adventure you need to step out of your comfort zone; I think hanging midair in a biplane fits that description. If you get a chance, fly low in one of these beautiful machines. Phil is ready to be your pilot over the scenic Laconia, NH area. Thanks, Phil for an awesome flight!
And, I hope you know God is the best Pilot ever when it comes to navigating life. Hand Him the controls and get ready for His amazing adventure! 




  1. Good Morning Jeanne,

    I hope that is one of the steps to overcoming fear. Trusting your hubby and the pilot is akin to trusting Jesus and God our Father!
    It takes a lot of courage to fly in a biplane. I have seen many of them at old-time airplane-shows and built several large scale models.
    LOL, Judith

  2. Judith,

    It is indeed. The Lord has taught me so much about my fear and trusting Him to overcome.

    Blessings, my friend

  3. Beautiful pictures Jeanne! You're a braver woman than I!
    Thanks for taking us along on the ride. Reminds me of Proverbs 3:5-6

  4. Bravery is something I can growing into slowly :)

  5. Thank you for sharing that experience. I'd love to do it...maybe I will someday.

    The analogy to trusting God is a perfect picture. Thanks again.


  6. Thanks for your comment, Martha. Sometimes my hubby's bravery rubs off on me. There are some things I would never think of doing.

    But, he says he could never speak in front of a group so I guess there are different kinds of fear.


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