Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How Do You Wait?

I checked my email for the hundredth time—nothing! I feel like Yukon Cornelius in his quest for gold. But for me, I’m hoping for word about a job interview outcome for my daughter. They say a watched pot never boils—well a watched email account never dings.

Waiting is hard.

I know some who are waiting for word about test results. Others are waiting for the phone to ring. Still others are waiting till just the right time to begin a project. Wait, wait, wait.

Ever notice wait is a four-letter word?

I find it difficult to be productive while I’m waiting. Do you? I get sidetracked trying to get things to hurry up, thinking that if I check my email every hour…or every ten minutes, then I will know the moment the answer comes. Like that is going to help me in the long run?

So when you find yourself in the Land of Wait, here are some things you can do:

Go back to the last thing you were doing and continue. This might be a project around the house, a book you were reading, an article you’re writing, or a future event you are planning. Continue being productive where you know things are in process. You will feel better to have accomplished something at the end of the day.

Make a list of things you want to accomplish this week.

Pray about the concern you are waiting to hear about.

Start a new project or plan something fun. Go buy spring flowers to plant. Design a craft to do with your children or grandkids. Invite someone for tea on the patio and serve little treats. Bake a goodie to share.

Reach out to someone you know who is waiting too.

Thank God in advance for the answer, knowing that He will bring about what’s best for us and for those we love.

What are you waiting for?




  1. Good Morning Jeanne

    What a great post you have today!!!
    I feel like I have waited for a long time, but not sure of what I am waiting for in the past 3 years. 'Wait' seems to be my spiritual mantra and ever since I failed to wait in 2005, I have become quite careful about getting ahead of the Lord. Way back in 1985, I read Isaiah 40:31 and have hung on to that verse, reflecting on it often. but now I seem to be tired of waiting. I have copied your post and put it in my daily journal so that I can reflect on it!
    Judith Coopy

  2. Judith,
    Thanks for sharing your struggle. I think in our human-ness waiting seems so passive and worthless; but I think of a devotional I read in my Streams in the Desert (Mrs. Charles Cowman) relating it to a "rest" in a music score. God is at work all around us and will bring us in right on time.

    Still hard...but it gives me hope.

  3. Thanks Jeanne for this "timely" word. Waiting is one of the most challenging things we have to do as human beings. At least when we wait for some things we can expect we will see a result (like waiting for a package to be delivered) but waiting for a response from God is harder as everything is in His time and not ours. Additionally, the answer maybe very different than what we expect or think we want. Have a blessed day!

  4. So true, Sheree. I know I need to keep from hurrying things along--like Sarai who decided she could help with the heir to the Promise. Oh, Lord, keep me from marring your work

  5. Still waiting to hear from my daughter, Alicia. She interviewed two weeks ago and they have been having difficulty reaching all of her references.
    Praying here....


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