Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stirring the Heart

In the Old Testament, the Spirit of God stirred hearts to contribute to the building of the temple. Artisans built, molded, stitched and designed beauty fitting for the place of worship.

The People responded to the stirring and brought their skilled offerings. They were stirred so much that Moses called for a halt—they had more than what was needed.

How often do we hear that today? Churches and other Christian organizations are dying for people to share their gifts and talents, to bring their offerings of skill for the betterment of the Body of Christ. What squelches it for us?
What causes our heart to be stilled
instead of stirred?
Often I hear people give a number of reasons. I am too busy. I don’t have time. My children are grown. I am not really that good at ____, so-and-so does a better job. I can’t teach. I’m too old. I am not good with children. My friend, these excuses are hindering the Spirit of God’s stirring in you.
No one expects you to take on something you are not suited for. But, there are things you are gifted to do—because the Word says we have all received at least one spiritual gift to be used to build up the Body.
Do you know what yours is?
Here are a few ideas to move you toward discovering how God has gifted you:
What topic causes you to perk up when you talk about it (education, abortion, pregnant teens, current events/news, financial planning, homelessness, healthcare, hunger, missions, youth work, human trafficking, etc)?
What group of people are you most drawn to (children, adults, singles, teens, handicapped, elderly, home bound, homeless, recovering, new families, infants, etc.)?
Do you prefer working in front or behind the scenes?
There are many resources available to help you in discovering your spiritual gift and different ways to employ it for God’s glory. The body needs you— without your special contribution they could be without an arm, or a hand.
So let’s consider how to “stimulate one another to love and good deeds.” Hebrews 10:24
Do you sense God stirring something in you? Do you have a skill to share?
I’d love to discuss this with you further—leave a comment with your thoughts. I am praying for us all to sense the stirring of the Holy Spirit and the discovery of our importance to our brothers and sisters of the faith. 


Do you want to dig deeper?
Exodus 35, 36:2-7 – Read about God's stirring up of craftsmanship

Spiritual gifts passages:
Ephesians 6:11-16
Romans 12:4-8
1 Corinthians 12
1 Timothy 4:14



  1. Hi Jeanne,
    Thanks for reminding us that we all have gifts to contribute to the body. I think part of the challenge is for those in leadership to help encourage people to use their gifts. I find many times those in leadership positions aren't always willing to become "lesser" so others can be lifted up. We need to operate more as an organism (body) versus an organization.

  2. I think you are right, Sheree--organisms are alive :)

  3. Thank you, Jeanne for the encouragement to know we can pour out (and not waste) the goodness of God's gracious gift to us.

    The nice thing is how others can see our gift . . . you have many, dear friend!

  4. Dear Jeanne,
    I just returned home from church. Your message was the pastor's message.

    Thank you so much. I am praying. God must be speaking to me in a new way. Hearing the same message twice..."Show me, Lord."
    I love you, Jeanne,

  5. The wonderful thing about pouring it out--like the woman with the alabaster vial--He refills us again as we spend time in His presence.

    Thank you, Verna for your kind words. You are right, often we see the gifts in others before they recognize them in themselves.

  6. Margie, I love when the breath of the Holy Spirit is felt over the miles. He is at work indeed.

  7. "...without your special contribution they could be without an arm, or a hand." That really hit home for me. I hold back because I don't want to be too forward. But if I remember that I could be the cause of something not getting done for God's Kingdom, I'll be more than willing to do it. Thanks, Jeanne, for helping me see...

  8. It's always nice to be asked, Carol, but once we know our gifting and we see a need, I believe He will give us the bold confidence to ask if we can be of help.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

  9. Excellent, Jeanne. Thanks for helping us to know our gifts, or if we know, to determine if we are using them.

  10. Thanks for an excellent article, Jeanne.

  11. You're welcome, Pat. Discovering what we can do for the body is exciting. Encouraging the gifts we see in others can help confirm God's gifting and spur them on to further service

  12. Jeanne, Your post is right on target. I am teaching a series in our adult SS class on the Holy Spirit. One of last week's points is that the stirrings in our heart or the thoughts that pop into our minds are often the Holy Spirit prompting us in a direction God wants us to go. Our role is to listen, discern, and obey.

  13. Gloria, you are so right. I have a pastor friend who tells that if you get promptings three times to be intentional about listening because it is probably the Spirit's direction.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

  14. Beautifully expressed, dear Jeanne. Can you recommend a couple spiritual gift assessments? Are any available online? I have a friend who just mentioned to me last week that she doesn't know what her gifts are. Thanks!

    In Christ's Love,

  15. Emily,

    Thanks for your comments--yes, there are online inventories you can access. Please keep in mind that these are a guide, a starting point. Once you see the higher scores, it gives you a place to begin exploring use of that gift in the church. It is the body who will confirm that you either have this gift or not was they see it exercised. And, depending on your denomination, there may be differences in what gifts are emphasized.

    Here are a few resources:

    This inventory screens for the 9 task gifts:

    It is a good idea to ask your pastor for resources he may have to offer as well as help with questions you may have.

    Blessings as you seek,


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