Sunday, August 25, 2013

3 Easy Steps for Listening to God

During my sabbatical, I want more than anything to cultivate my relationship with God. This guest post is one you will enjoy--I need to hear it myself and have taken it to heart. I am so glad Ginger Harrington is sharing this word of encouragement with us. More than anything, our Savior longs to meet with speak to us...Thanks, Ginger for bringing us a word today.

3 Easy Ways for Listening to God
Ever feel like there are marshmallows clogging your ears when it comes to hearing God? We long to hear from God, but sometimes lack confidence that God will speak personally to us.
Hebrews 1:1 speaks to this very question that can plague our souls.
"God, after He spoke long ago to the fathers in the prophets in many portions and in many ways, in these last days has spoken to us in His Son..."
The passage goes on to say that Jesus sustains everything by the word of His power.
Bottom line: God speaks through Jesus and the sustaining power of His Word.
Expect to Hear From God
Learning to listen to God comes easier when we come with the faith and expectation that He will speak to us through His Word.
It can be so tempting to approach having a devotional time with God (quiet time) as one more good thing to be crammed into an over-loaded day.
We all have to resist the Wheaties mentality..."It's supposed to be good for you..." but our hearts chase after other things.
Activity or Relationship?
When we begin to approach spending time with God as an activity rather than a relationship, we are missing the point.
Hearing God through the Scriptures is about relationship. Too often, we are more focused on information and performance [doing what good Christians are supposed to do]. I can only say this because I have done it -- a lot.
The most important things about having a Quiet Time is what God has to say, not how long I spend, or how many facts I can collect. It is a matter of the heart longing to grow deeper in relationship with the living, loving, ever-present God who specializes in grace.
Invited to Enter in, Just as You Are
Listen to the heart of God for relationship in this verse that I have rephrased in the first person: "Approach me with confidence so that you may receive mercy and find grace to help in the time of your need" [Hebrews 4:16, rephrased].
This come-as-you-are invitation relieves us of the feeling that we must somehow get ourselves clean and polished before coming to God. God's heart is wide open for relationship, and learning to recognize His voice breaks through the barrier of our misunderstanding and skewed expectations.
Begin to read the Bible as a conversation with the God who loves you more than you could ever understand.
3 Ways to Listen to God
Observation: What does it say?
Interpretation: What does it mean?
Application: What will I do about it?
As you read Scripture and listen, the Holy Spirit will speak, using your mind to direct attention and give insight, or sight into what He wants to say to you today. As you listen, follow the train of Spirit-led thought.
"But when He, the Spirit of Truth comes, He will guide you into all truth." [John 16:13]
What is God saying to you today?

Speaker, writer, and worship leader, Ginger Harrington ministers to women in a variety of ways. Encouraging women to discover practical ways to go deeper with God is an emphasis evident in her popular blog, Ginger’s Corner: Where the Spiritual Meets the Practical.  Come visit Ginger’s blog at and connect with her on Facebook at 

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  1. Thank you, Ginger. As I begin my sabbatical, I long for that heart to heart visit with my Papa!

  2. Hope your sabbatical is exactly what you need!


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