Sunday, September 08, 2013

Does God Laugh?

My guest, Danie Marie incites a good discussion starter: Do we think of God as having a sense of humor?

Photo by Danie Marie, taken in Colorado

Sounds like a silly question, doesn't it. But think about it. From the earliest pictures depicting Jesus, artists painted Him with a somber countenance. Some view God as an angry Judge, because they compare Him to their earthly father. 

And for those of us who are older, we had nothing more to draw from, so we imagined Jesus always being solemn as he spoke to the multitudes or taught in the synagogues. If you were looking for a new church, would you join if the preacher never smiled or made you laugh? 

And what about the children who flocked to Jesus?  

Have you ever received a child into your arms and not been joyful? 

Thankfully some modern day artists paint Jesus laughing or smiling. The first time I saw such a likeness of my Savior, a thrill rushed through me as I stood on the sidewalk outside an art studio staring at the painting through a plate glass window. Yes, I thought, that's my Jesus. He who gives me joy, is joyful! 

The Bible, especially the Old Testament and Psalm, has much to say about dancing and rejoicing. Remember the story of David as he brought the ark of the covenant from Obed-Edom back to the City of David, how he danced with great abandon before the Lord? Do you think God looked down on him with solemnity?  

No. Just as David brought God joy, we to are capable of bringing Him joy. It's the same as seeing our children happy, makes us smile. 

Our Creator is the one who made our mouth, our voice. The one who created laughter. When was the last time you laughed in joyful abandon? Don't stifle that which God loves. Know that He smiles down on you when you experience His joy.  

I long to hear our Savior laugh with all His children finally gathered round Him. What a glorious day that will be. 

Luke 6:21, "Blessed are you who hunger now, for you will be satisfied. Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh." (NIV) 

Lord of laughter, we give you thanks for the joy that You alone can truly give. Bless my friends who are hurting today, and give them a spirit of laughter to ease their pain, in Jesus name. Amen.

Love and blessings,

             Danie Marie


Danie Marie's passion is to make Christ known through her writing and speaking. Evangelistic by nature, she's had the privilege of leading several to the Lord, including on airplanes. She has mentored women and teens throughout her life, sung in choirs and on worship teams, as well as led and written Bible studies.

After working five years to birth her novel, Kellen's Hope, it's now available as an e-book through Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, and other sites through Smashwords, as well as Kindle. Two novellas previously written, will follow as soon as she spruces them up.

You can find her blog at: www.DanieMarie'
and her speaking website: www.speaking–hope–


Thank you Jeanne, for giving me the opportunity to share with your readers.

Thank you Danie Marie for this--so, readers, what do you think? Share a time when you have seen God's sense of humor and joy. And take time to enjoy the funny things in life.

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