Sunday, February 23, 2014

Son of God, Movie

Son of God, Releases in Theaters on February 28, 2014

Millions tuned in to watch THE BIBLE, the epic miniseries by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett. I’ve been watching the DVD’s and I think the period scenes, acting, and costuming are incredible. True to the ‘spirit of the book’ there are some little things that may bother a purist, but overall I love seeing Biblical events on the big screen. 
Well, Roma and Mark have done it again with a new moving release called, SON OF GOD. It opens in theatres starting February 28, 2014. It’s been 50 years since a major studio released a film encompassing the teachings and ministry of Jesus. They thought it was time to present the greatest story ever told to a new generation of filmgoers.  

To promote the release of SON OF GOD, Grace Hill Media is sponsoring a giveaway here on my blog. Two gift packages will be given away via drawing. To be eligible you must do one or all of the following (each will put your name in the drawing):
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You will receive one entry for each of these. Two winners will be drawn and will be announced here on my blog on 3/5/14.
I love supporting Christian films and family friendly entertainment options. And, I do believe they're making an impact on the culture. Seeing Son of God will also give you opportunities to join in the conversations in your sphere of influence. 
Be sure to share your comment below and be entered to win a gift package which includes the SON OF GOD soundtrack, a copy of the companion book and a jigsaw puzzle that your whole family will enjoy.
Share how THE BIBLE and SON OF GOD movies have impacted you? Did you discover open doors for discussion in your world?
Check out the links and share:
What are others saying about, Son of God
Official webpage
So, grab your family or friends, and get in line for popcorn!
Get your copy of the epic miniseries, The Bible:


  1. I am excited to see this film!
    It would be a worthy trip to the cinemas!
    Karen Ryll

  2. I am too, Karen!! A message worth sharing for sure. Praying as people see the Son of God portrayed on the screen, the veil over their eyes and heart would open to see Him

  3. Given your post, I thought you might be interested in my mom's book: Sanctifying Art. You can learn more about her at and/or buy her book at:

    Regardless, keep up your good work!

  4. Syuloff, thanks for your comment and encouraging words.
    Seeing faith expressed in art is very powerful.
    The Son of God promises to invite viewers to put flesh and bones on what we know about Jesus--and to prompt us to answer, "Who do YOU say that I AM?
    It's the most important question we can answer in our lifetime.

  5. Hi, Jeanne,
    I probably won't be able to see the movie in the theater when it releases next week, but I am definitely interested in buying the DVD the instant it becomes available.
    I so admire Roma Downey and her husband for doing this.
    BTW, don't enter me in the giveaway. I'll let someone else be a winner :)

  6. Thanks for posting on this film and especially for providing the link to the comments of well known, respected pastors and authors. I had wondered if I would see it because I am one of those "purist" who gets concerned with scripture truth isn't left alone, but this has told me I will plan to see it and expect to be very glad I did.

  7. Peg, thanks for your thoughts. I hope to see Son of God at the theatre and will plan to post an update :)

  8. Pat,
    I am a purist too, yet realize that the minor license taken isn't a show stopper if it gets people to think about who Jesus is, and draws them to the Truth of His word.
    I hope to see the movie and post an update then.
    Thanks for your thoughts!!

  9. Oh, I soooo hope I get to see this! Thanks for sharing the contest. I tweeted it! :-)

  10. Excellent, Vonda. Two entries for you--yay!
    I think Son of God will be a great movie to see and a great conversation starter in our communities.

  11. Jeanne, I too am excited about this film. Rick Warren has written a 6 week curriculum to go with it which I'm assuming is the companion book you're giving away. I'm leading a group during Lent. Can't wait for the materials to arrive and to take a group to see the film in theaters. It's a great Holy Week activity!

  12. I have been counting down the days to see this film. I heard one of the songs by Francesca Batiselli, "Write Your Story" and absolutely love it. This song speaks volumes to a life of meaning when we let God write our story. I will definitely post this blog on my facebook and Pinterest pages!

  13. Looking forward to seeing Son of God movie :)
    Would love to win the prize pack!

  14. Cathy, Jane and Marnie,
    Thanks for your encouragement. I am excited to see Son of God too. Wish you all lived closer--we could go together.
    I look forward to your thoughts after you see it,
    I haven
    t heard the music yet--that song sounds like a tear jerker to me :)
    Blessings, my friends!

  15. I hope everyone can go next Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. If you want to support a film, it's really important to go on opening weekend. Box office sales on opening weekend is what is counted to determine if a movie is successful and if a movie gets more theaters and more press. I live in a small city and we don't always get movies for opening weekend, but Son of God opens here Friday. We already bought tickets for the first showing at 11:45 AM--so I can go on my (extended) lunch hour! You can find a theater nearest you and buy advance tickets from the movie's web site, which Jeanne gave above in this post.

    Thanks, Jeanne, for posting this. I'm a big supporter of Christians in Hollywood, having attended the Act One writer's program myself. Out of my Act One class, I know of one fellow who worked in some way on the promotion of this film and one who was on faculty and worked for Act One has now stepped down to work directly for Mark Burnett. So...I'm cheering this film on for great success and much glory to our Lord.

  16. PS: I forgot to mention I Tweeted your blog post!

  17. Advance ordering of tickets is a great idea, Dianne. Get a group of friends together; gather your family; go with church groups...
    This speaks loudly to Hollywood for sure!
    Let's hope Son of God brings the message to many.
    I'm praying for the hunger and thirst of our generation to be quenched as well as the desire of believers and unbelievers alike to want more.

  18. Thanks for sharing on Twitter, Dianne. Two entries for you :)

  19. Hi Jeanne - Couldn't make it on opening weekend, but definitely planning to go and I will share your post on twitter too! I think music and the arts - all of them - dance, theatre, paintings, photography, poetry, literature and yes, even Hollywood movies - lol - are such important ways that people can connect with and experience God's truth. We were created with 5 senses and we experience God best when we engage all of them as well as our heart and brain and soul!


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