Sunday, March 02, 2014

Ready for Spring

The winter has overtaken us here in New England. The coldest, snowiest, longest winter we can remember. We're ready for spring. But winter hasn’t shown any signs of giving in yet.

We woke up to 7 degrees outside this morning yet the birds were singing. As we sipped hot drinks by the fire, my hubby, John remarked about the birds-- "they have faith that spring is near, even if it doesn't feel like it."
We’ve heard a few chickadees. The morning sun is shifting in the sky. But, the deep cold keeps us stoking the woodstove and wearing extra layers. 

So, I dream of warm sunshine and things turning green, wondering when I’ll get my first glimpse of the new season.

I bought sunflower seeds when I was shopping the other day. I have faith, knowing that May 31st will be here so I can plant them. The thought of sunflowers tipped toward the sun makes me smile.

I’m envisioning my herb garden springing to life; the chive tufts sprinting toward the sky, blooming with yummy onion flavored flowers. There’s nothing like enjoying a salad with delicious herbs picked fresh from my garden.

There’s a lot of snow to melt before I can see the ground. We have another storm pending this week—so bring on the snowplows. I’ll have to imagine spring just a bit longer before it arrives for good. Good news is, we get to change the clocks and spring forward next week. That gives us a bit more daylight in the evening. Psychologically it’s a good thing.

Hebrews 11 says, Faith is the substance of things hoped for. God who made the sun, moon, and stars, establishing the seasons of the earth, will bring forth new life after the dormant winter months. Just like hearing those birds singing in the cold, it gives me hope.

What’s your favorite thing about spring?
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  1. Ooh! Thanks for the reminder about the time change. I just love spring. Though we've had a colder, snowier winter than usual also (here in the Pacific NW), we're closer to spring than you guys are, it seems. On a walk through the garden today, I saw hellebores (of course), tete-a-tete, anemones, grape hyacinths, the beginnings of some full-sized hyacinths, and all manner of leaf buds on the trees and hydrangeas. I am so looking forward to the next sunny day so I can get out and play in it.

  2. Kendra,

    I am SO READY for the spring growth!!

    Thanks for sharing your early glimpses :)

  3. I love this Jeanne! Your writing is like a breath of spring in itself! What I love most about spring is that all around us are signs of new life. It reminds me of the wonderful promise of the ETERNAL new life that we as Christians will have when we leave this earth. Thanks for sharing your wonderful writing talent and blessing us with your thoughts!

  4. Piano Player, you are such an encourager! Thank you.
    I too, love the new growth--spring buds, tulips and daffodils poking up through the cold ground. It is indeed a metaphor of life after death.

  5. I'm ready for sunflowers too! And, like you, I have faith spring is on it's way.

  6. Joy,

    You'll be bird watching before you know it :)
    Bring Spring!!!


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