Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Shield of Protection

God’s favor is a shield. ~  Psalm 5:12  

Psalm 5:12 caught my attention - I love the imagery it portrays.
When I think of a shield, I imagine ancient warriors wielding swords while adeptly protecting their bodies with metal plate armor. To think of a shield being God’s favor takes imagination.

What does it mean? How can His favor shield me?

I remember driving on a dark and unfamiliar road, experiencing a near miss from an oncoming car. Once the car came to a stop, and my body quit shaking, I realized how close I came to being hit. A thank you, Lord, escaped my lips in a prayer. I felt protected that night and shielded from harm.

The Psalms are filled with instances describing God as our Rock, Fortress and Strong Tower. He is Almighty God, our Protector. He steps in and fights battles on our behalf when we need His help.

In the story of Moses (Exodus 14) leading the Israelites out of Egypt, God placed a cloud between the people of Israel and the charging Egyptians to protect them. He shielded them from their enemy, allowing them to cross the Red Sea all night without being pursued.

God's favor as a shield makes me consider that:

He sees me.
He only allows things that are ultimately for my best.
He is able to watch over those I love.
I can ask for His protective shield around me.
I need protecting from my enemies.

Tell of a time when you felt shielded by God. How might this have been His favor?


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Psalm 91 is a rich storehouse of God's Protection:


  1. As I drove in a parking lot, I heard "HIT BRAKE".....I immediately did so, and from my right came a car barrelling through. If I hadn't reacted to the "order" I would have been hit broadside. How humbling when we realize the Lord cares about all that we do. Thank you for your insight, Jeanne, you bring His Word to life. Mom

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience, Mom. God shielded you from harm for sure.


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