Saturday, May 24, 2014

Remembering Those Who Died for Freedom - Memorial Day 2014

Thank you to all who sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom in our country. We have the freedom to speak, assemble, bear arms, worship as we choose and more—freedoms granted by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. For over 200 years we have remained free.

And to those who still fight everyday to keep the United States of America the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Thank you for your ongoing sacrifice!

A special thank you to my son, Brad Doyon who serves in the Air Force – Your dad and I are so proud of you.
To my nephews, Jon Weymouth (Army) and Bill Doyon (Marines)…thank you for serving our country.
And, to the One who died so the whole world could be free – free from the tyranny of sin and darkness – from death and separation from God. Free from the enemy of our soul.

Thank you, Jesus for the freedom we have in Your name.

Your sacrifice is the most precious!
Remembering to give thanks on this Memorial Day! 
Who are you remembering this Memorial Day?
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  1. Thank you, Jeanne.......for the reminder of the sacrifices made by so many. We should not take for granted the freedoms we have.


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