Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I've Lost My Control Key

As a writer, I am constantly using keyboard shortcuts. Especially when using copy and paste functions. I'm not sure how I managed before I found them.


Pure genius!

Suddenly, I've lost my control key - it's dead. I've used it so much, I killed it.

I love my control key...
I need my control key...
I want my control key...

It makes writing so much easier.

Sometimes that's true in my life too.

I want to be able to control things so my life goes smoother. As much as it's a false sense of security, I still try to push CTRL. Yet, I know I can't control anything - not really. The more I try, the more I wear out my CTRL key.

My controlling things isn't healthy. Controlling the people I love is toxic. My CTRL key robs me of peace.

When I can remember that God is in control and I can let go and allow Him to work in my life and the lives of though I love - that's when I find peace.

How about you? Do you struggle with control? What have you learned?



I know I can't control anything - not really. (Click to Tweet)

Do you struggle with control? (Click to Tweet)

Thank you for sharing this message with your readers and contacts. I'm on sabbatical and have unplugged while working on some writing and speaking projects.
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  1. Good reminder, Jeanne. It's my controlling nature that caused me to gain a 100 extra pounds in the 1st place. Healing only comes when we submit to God's control.

  2. So true, Janet. Thanks for sharing your story. I know food can be a big control thing--often we feel that is one that we can control when things are happening all around us.
    Submitting to God does bring healing. And, the realization He is sovereign and in control of the big picture of our lives. We can trust Him. Thank you, Lord!!


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