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How Do You Celebrate the Advent Season?

As the autumn leaves dance and twirl, I'm reminded that it won't be long before we celebrate the holidays. To avoid the last minute hustle it is good to think ahead.

So even though we have just broached November, if you would like to celebrate Advent in a special way with your family, I am posting this so you discover some ideas.

Many shop early and get their Christmas cards ordered and signed. Others bake Christmas cookies for weeks to prepare for guests and gifts. Whatever way we get ready for the holiday, it's better when we think ahead.

Preparing our heart and keeping our focus on Jesus takes planning too - otherwise the weeks fly by in a blur before we rein in what's important. Using an advent devotional or activity is a wonderful way to engage the whole family with the central message of why Jesus came.

The Advent Season reminds us of His Coming - both as the Messiah, born as a baby - and as the Coming King of Glory. We anticipate the second Coming of Jesus just as the Jewish people watched for their Messiah.

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How does your family prepare for the Advent season?

When my children were very young we had an Avon Advent calendar so our children could count the days to Christmas Eve. We also read the Christmas story together from a children's Bible and other story books.

Others have used the Jesse Tree with symbols of the Christmas story. These are depicted on tree ornaments along with short devotionals to read each day.

Whatever you do to focus on the deeper meaning of Christmas, it will take some planning.

Here are some other ideas (And, I'd love to hear yours):

Read Luke 1:5 - 2:40 and Matthew 1:18 - 2:23.

List the characters in the Christmas story.

Describe some of the obstacles they faced.
How does their trust and belief encourage you?

For each character, choose a word to describe them.

Why was it important for Mary to believe the angel?

What could have happened if Joseph didn't listen to His dream?

Draw a picture of this story.

Create a timeline of events using a roll of brown postal paper or some butcher paper. Illustrate it as a family.

There are many resources available whether you have children or looking for something for yourself. I discovered this wonderful one from Focus on the Family and want to share it with you.

Focus on the Family's Advent Resource - For Parents and Teachers

If you have children, Focus on the Family has a free Advent resource for you to use this Christmas. It is filled with downloadable activities. It's called, The Journey to the Manger.

Visit their website at

Our church is using these resources from Focus on the Family for the children's bulletins. I'd love to hear how your family incorporates them in your Christmas preparations.

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If you're looking for more advent resources:

I'll be offline for a bit, preparing for a couple of speaking engagements. My next post will be November 12.

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  1. What a great reminder! Thank you for the resources!

  2. You're welcome. Enjoy the season with your family


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