Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Girl Who Said--Yes

Margie Houmes has a heart for Jesus. I've benefited from her words that flow like a gentle stream over the soul because her words are from God's heart. I know you will be blessed by her thoughts; she is my guest today.
Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.  Luke 1:38
 (Copyright, 2013, Used with Permission
Mary was dreaming again—about Joseph. A year had passed since Joseph’s request for marriage. Mary knew the day of her betrothal was drawing near.
Every night she listened for the shout of her beloved coming to snatch her away and make her his bride. Would this be the night?
Her wedding gown glowed pure and bright. Every stitch was sewn in place and visions of rapturous love while standing under the canopy with Joseph were her daily imaginings. What would it feel like to receive the blessings written in the Torah and know Yahweh was pleased with their holy, untainted union?
Would Joseph come for her this night? Mary looked at her gown and knew she was ready…ready to bind herself to Joseph and bear him a treasure trove of children.
Suddenly, dazzling angelic light flooded her room. Gabriel, God’s angel, began to speak, his amazing words spilling over with fervent exhilaration.
“Don’t be afraid, Mary. God has seen the hunger in your heart for Him. (Click to Tweet)  Among women, you are highly favored and when the Holy Spirit falls upon you, your womb will conceive the Christ, the Son of the living God.”
Mary held her breath. Oh, how magnificent to be chosen. What wondrous news, that I a lowly handmaiden would be set apart to bring forth the long awaited Messiah.

But in the next moment, horror riveted Mary’s heart.
Pregnant…before my betrothal? Pregnant…before I don my virginal gown? With child… before Joseph sweeps me away in the night?  What will people say…will I be stoned? Oh, how can I say no to all my hopes and dreams, say no to a day… like none other?
And we know the story well and remember—Mary said yes.

So our own hearts cry out, “Lord, to what must we say no, so your glory fills our souls? What are the opinions of men that keep us from bowing our knee before your Majesty and receiving Your favor? And Lord, give us the freedom to say, ‘Be it unto us according to your Word.’”

And so, my beloved sisters, I bowed my knee and remembered a girl of long ago—who said yes. Did you remember also? Precious friends, let’s join our hearts today and surrender…

“Oh, Lord, let your love reside in us that the world may know there is a God who so loved the world that He gave… His only Son.” 

Will you say yes to Him?


After Margie retired from teaching, the Lord told her to pick up her pen and write. She loves sharing her passion for Jesus Christ and has spent years studying and writing a Bible study on the Book of Ruth (Awaiting publication). Watching Jesus release people from bondage and give them new marching orders is one of her greatest joys.  She serves the Lord in several ministries at Celebration Church...and loves it!  Margie lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband Bob. They are blessed with sons, daughters and grandchildren.

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  1. Beautiful delivery of the story I know so well, but had never quite thought of in that way. Thank you, Margie!

  2. Thanks for sharing your comment, Vonda. I love how Margie brought us into a young girl's betrothal story - and what a happy ending. Her yes influenced all of mankind!!


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