Thursday, February 12, 2015

Finding the Blessing in the Storm

Finding the Blessing in the Storm
Winter has a way of closing in—the cold and swirling snow piles up outside the door until there is a need to clear a way out, not to mention in.
I don’t mind the beauty of snowflakes falling especially when I can stay inside where it’s warm. Yet, this winter has piled heavy on me—storm after storm. (Click to tweet this)

I have faith that spring is coming. Usually I begin seeing its signs in February. The warm days make the sap run and local maple sugar farms begin harvesting. I’ve seen nothing of the blue tubes snaking from tree to tree, or even the old fashioned tin buckets filling hungrily with sap.
No, spring is far off and I need it near.

Finding the Blessing in the Storm
Our country road is narrowed down to one lane making it difficult to walk. So, I sit like a lump watching my calories so I don’t have to deal with too much when this is all over.

A Hot drink by the woodstove is something people pay dearly for in ski country. So, I try not to grumble. I am warm. I don’t have to drive in it as long as I grocery shop in between storms. And the Currier and Ives image outside my window is beautiful.

In the middle of any storm, I need to see the good things. (Click to Tweet This) It's hard sometimes, but if I focus on what I’m thankful for, I can see the blessings.

There have been plenty of storms this winter and plenty in my life. How about you?
What blessing have you found in the middle of what is swirling around you?
Spring is coming!
Philippians 4:8  (Click to Tweet this)
2015 Photos by Jeanne Doyon




  1. Me too, Jeanne! Like you, I'm grateful, but waiting with great expectation for spring.

  2. Spring is near. I bought sunflower seeds :)
    Thanks for your comment, Joy.


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