Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wishing Away Winter and Pining For Spring

Wishing Away Winter and pining for spring
Photo by John Doyon

As much as I love the beauty of fresh fallen snow, too much winter makes me pine for spring.

Living in New England has its attractions:

Wishing away winter and pining for spring

Gorgeous fall days
Bright colors as the leaves change
Apple picking in the fall
Maple syrup harvesting in late winter
Four distinct seasons that you miss if you’re away from them

But, winter can drone on until you find yourself crying, uncle. Or in other words, BRING SPRING.

We faintly hope in the groundhog’s predictions but don’t believe a word he says. No matter what, we are in for winter’s hold until at least the end of March.

I remember an ice storm in May. A fluke? Yes. But definitely something you remember by keeping photos in a scrapbook with a label that says, Unbelievable!

When you are facing illness or trials, the spring can’t come quick enough. Your four walls, prescription bottles and calendar filled with appointments begin to close in until you utter the word: Uncle. But what you mean is bring on relief.

From one New Englander who knows what the winter prison feels like, I am praying for you that you see a glimpse of spring in the coming days. I pray that you know that no matter what you’re facing and how dark it seems, God is with you. His promise to never leave you alone and to walk with you through anything, applies to any season, winter included.

Wishing away winter and pining for spring

I’m also praying you will see His signs of spring. The new life, hope and relief as you go through each winter day. He is there. Ask Him to show you His presence, the fingerprint that He is with you. Look for the glimmer of light in the middle of the darkness. (Click to Tweet)

I promise you that His relief will come and it will become one of the memories kept in your scrapbook of faithfulness marked, Unbelievable. Because we can’t help telling others how God met us in the middle of our darkest time and shined through the dimness with His light.

There is a favorite verse I’d like to share with you to encourage you through to relief because God promises not to waste any dark moments in our lives. They become the beacon of His glory if we allow them to.

What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; Matthew 10:27 (Click to tweet)

God has a message for you in this. You may or may not see it right now because it’s dark. But, as His light dawns you will see something that will bring comfort and show His glory to another.

I have been there.


In darkness.

And, I promise you, spring is coming.

How can I pray for you?


Spring Flower and Autumn tree Images courtesy of Morguefile.com

Resources to help find God trustworthy during the winter of your soul:


  1. Thank you for your truth of winter, Jeanne. It is long, cold.......and this year, bitter! For some, like me, the first time in your life you've been alone. But, the Lord is faithful, and like all darkness, the sun does come again.......You have my nose to the window now, looking for the first robin. Love your words Mom

  2. This has been a year of change, Mom. IN the midst of the winter, He is doing a work in you, through your grief group, and having time to process the last several years. Spring is on its way in your life for several reasons. The buds on the trees are swelling - soon there will be blossoms and fruit.
    The days are lengthening :)
    Love you!

  3. Beautiful analogy and reminder, Jeanne. And I love the photos!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Vonda. I shoveled the walkway for you :)

  5. I saw a robin in my backyard today! There is hope!


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