Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Enter the Gate

I peer through a secret-garden gate—grasping the wrought iron, my hand tentatively on the latch; do I dare enter?

Fear usually keeps me just peeking through gates. I am not normally a risk taker—I like to play it safe. Yet, I would like to take a step into the unknown. I have begun to overcome a lot of my fearful tendencies—I guess that’s what happens when you reach 50+. I am ready to take some risks and find that God is faithful to provide what is needed on the other side. I’ve discovered a gate can either be what keeps me out or ushers me in, depending on my point of view—an opportunity or a barrier.

Suddenly, I hear a voice.

"Come. Step through. Do not be afraid. I promise to go with you."

But, what if..?

Butterflies fill in my innermost places. But, what if..?

Yet, the voice continues...



Should I enter?

I strain to listen for clues. What if..?

My heart longs for what lies beyond. But, what if..?

My pulse quickens, catching the beat of Him who calls.

My hand quivers and reaches again for the latch. What if..?

Then, my ears tune in to the One voice and all else fades as I step through the gate.

Jesus calls Himself the door, the gate to the sheepfold. We enter into the Father’s presence through Him. Jesus is either a barrier or an opportunity—depending on your point of view. What lies beyond the gate is abundant life—details unknown but He promises to be with us. Adventure awaits you as you answer the One who calls. He bids you to step through the gate to find all that you long for—

Whether you are stepping through the gate in response to your invitation to salvation through Christ, or taking a next step of faith in obedience, He is there.

Will you enter?


  1. Oh, I like this one, Jeanne. Somehow it sounds vaguely familiar. ;)

  2. It's as if life is a series of gates we walk through. But you just led us to the door/gate that counts the most. Jesus is the Way. So well said, Jeanne.

  3. Lucy Neeley AdamsJuly 6, 2011 at 12:40 PM

    Will I enter? OH ME OH MY. I have a glorious idea for a new devotional book. Do I enter this ministry - again? Thank you for these super thoughts.

  4. very challenging yet well written post. I recently wrote a post about the tension between staying in the safe middle of routines or venturing to the edge out of our comfort zone. I think we are discussing similar things. great post!

  5. Thank you, Sally. I am so in tune with garden gates this week as I drive about town. Hope to do some photos soon.

    So glad that He goes before us!


  6. I hope you do write a devotional book, Lucy. Glad I could help get your creative ideas flowing.


  7. This has been a theme I have been exploring, Jean. I truly believe He wants us to launch out into the deep where we can't touch bottom and need to trust in His direction.




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