Monday, July 30, 2012

All Authority

     In my last blog I shared how the word “immediately” caught my attention while reading the Gospel of Mark. As I continue to read something else has caught my eye…

Jesus' Authority
     Mark 1:22 sets the stage for the areas that come under His command:
Demons – Mark 1:23-27, Mark 5:39-43
Sickness – Mark 1:30-32, 40-42, Mark 3:5
Evil – Mark 1:34, Mark 5:2-16
 Sin – Mark 2:1-13
The Sabbath – Mark 2:28
Nature – Mark 4:35-41
And, Death – Mark 5:39-43
     All authority has been given to Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18) and throughout the gospel account He demonstrates His Lordship, even down to shushing the demons so they wouldn’t spill the beans about His identity. Yes, they recognized Him before others did.
     His identity hasn’t changed. He has authority over all things—even in my life. I see Him keeping the demonic and forces of evil at bay. I see His ability to heal and restore. I see Him forgiving sin and giving us the desire to live differently by His Spirit. I see the importance of His rest—practicing the Sabbath principle of ceasing from our works. I am amazed at His command of the storms, wind, rain and the ability to say, “be still” both in nature and in our hearts. And I rejoice - He has taken command of death, so that we can live eternally with Him because of what Jesus accomplished on the cross.
     How does this concept of Jesus’ authority challenge your thinking about things going on around you? What area do you need Him to take control?
     According to Mark 6:7 and Luke 9:1, what authority have we been given?
     Challenge us, Lord to see You as all powerful and having all authority,




  1. Knowing that God has authority over everything helps me trust in a deeper way. I may not like everything that happens to me or around me, but I do trust that God will use it all for His glory.

  2. I feel the same way, Pamela. When I came to the place of knowing that He sifts everything through His fingers of sovereignty, it helped me to trust Him more.

    Thanks for stopping by,


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