Sunday, July 22, 2012

Immediately...Means Now

"Begin reading God’s Word and don’t stop until something leaps off the page and begins to settle into and challenge your thinking."

This idea is not new, but after reading some articles in my In Touch Magazine, Charles Stanley challenged me to take whatever time necessary to hear from God through His Word. So, I sat down with my Bible this afternoon and began to read the Gospel of Mark. Right away, the word ‘immediately’ repeated over and over, along with the words, ‘follow me’.

Honestly, there are very few things I do immediately. So, seeing the repetition I knew this was something I wanted to explore.  I underlined as I read and began a list of things mentioned:

The heavens opened immediately after Jesus was baptized, and God’s voice was heard

The Spirit immediately impelled Jesus to enter the wilderness

Simon and Andrew immediately left their nets and followed Jesus

Jesus called James and John and they immediately followed Him

Jesus entered Capernaum, immediately entered the synagogue and began to teach on the Sabbath

Immediately news about Jesus went out everywhere into the surrounding districts

Immediately after leaving the synagogue they went to Simon’s house

The disciples immediately told Jesus about Simon’s mother in law who was sick

A leper is immediately cleansed of leprosy

…And, this is just the first chapter.

I wonder what God is asking me to do immediately. And, I wonder whether I am as focused on my mission to be obedient and follow wherever He leads. As I continued to read, a prayer formed in my mind:

 Lord, help me be intentional and immediate when You ask me to follow You. And help me to notice the way You are calling me each day in my journey.

I want to be purposeful in my relationship with God and how I pass it along. How about you? And, how has His Word prompted you to dig deeper?



  1. What's interesting and sad to me is how often I immediately do things that perhaps He didn't really have for me to do because I simply react instead of seeking His perfect will.

    Then there are those things that I AM supposed to do immediately...and I keep putting them off.

    Your insight this morning, though reminds me that there truly are times He wants an immediate response. I pray I'll be more obedient to do what He has for me to His timing.

  2. Love this insight, Jeanne. I think we hesitate out of fear, doubt, disobedience. You're right, immediacey is such a part of our lives in social media, in microwaving, in conveniences - but it is lacking in our response to God. Thanks for the terrific insight and challenge.

  3. Love, love this Jeanne. God's Word always speaks when we take the time to look and listen and learn. I also love looking at those key words over and over. Speaks volumes, bringing convincing, conviction, and comfort when we follow through on what the "Immediate" thing God is asking us to do.

    Keep on keeping on Jeanne. Love you!

  4. Jeanne, thank you for this amazing truth - I love it! What a beautiful reminder to seek deep, and respond immediately!

  5. HI Vonda,
    It truly is a balancing act. This is one reason He wants us to be close to Him so we can discern His way and timing.

    So glad He is patient with me...

  6. Hi Jeanette,

    It is so true. I want to be immediate in my obedience and not lack the faith or belief that He is leading me.
    Drawing near to Him, spend time with Him, so I can know His heart.

    Thanks your thoughts,

  7. Thank you, Glenda. His word is rich with truth. It is living, real and My desire is to realize its application to my everyday life. And then to pass along what I learn to others


  8. Thanks for stopping in, Verna and sharing your thoughts. His truth--because HE IS TRUTH. What an amazing gift


  9. Very thought provoking post Jeanne. Procrastination is my specialty. I've never thought about what the Bible says about it though. I need to pray about my procrastination immediately!

  10. LOL, Celeste.
    I struggle with procrastination too. If I can't finish something, I struggle with getting started.

    Jesus did what he needed to do when the situation presented itself. I want to be more like that. His focus and purpose were sure. I want to be like that too.


  11. Love this post and your insights to what you read in Scripture. Thanks so much for sharing at NOBH!

    BTW, My mom's name is Jeanne (pronounced "Jean") and my sister's name is Jeanne (pronounced "G-knee") :) I don't know how you pronounce your "Jeanne" but it's good to "meet" another one :)

  12. Thanks for your comment, Tracy. It is great to meet you too.

    Mine is pronounced Jean or Jeannie....Jeannie was what I answered to when I was young. Though my grandma still calls me that :)
    She is 94 :)



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