Sunday, July 15, 2012

El Roi - The God Who Sees Me

God sees me.
He sees my heart; He knows my frame.
He knows I am weak, tired and all but brain-drained. He knows my struggles.
                 He knows the reason for my emptiness.
He sees when I fall.  
                 He knows what I need.
                                         He knows me.

He knew David, though he looked like a grubby shepherd boy—God saw Him as the man he would become—a king.

He knew Peter, a man who was impulsive and put his mouth in gear before his brain woke up—God saw him as a leader and great orator who would deliver powerful words to the hearts of those who needed a wake-up call. God also knew that Peter would deny him, yet offered him grace one morning while having breakfast when He asked the question, “Peter, Do you love me?”

He knew Judas, though his heart was darkened and plotted to betray Jesus, the Son of God dipped the morsel of bread and shared it with him during the Passover meal—an expression of honor.

God called Gideon to be a warrior even though he was only a youth. He saw a heart who would contend for what was right.

He sees you. He knows your heart. He sees your potential. He sees the person you are becoming as you trust Him on the journey. He sees you as redeemed, washed whiter than snow, delivered from the snares the enemy sets. He sees you eternally. Complete in Him.

God knows and understands what my heart desperately needs; I am so glad, because I often have trouble explaining it to Him.

Trust that He knows...



  1. Oh how your words ring so true! I am so thankful He knows my heart, too, especially when challenges are before me. I can rest in knowing that He took hold of me first! Thank you so much for sharing on NOBH.
    Love and God Bless,

  2. Thanks for your encouragement, Christy. I am thankful He knows me better than I know myself. Been so tired lately...but He knows what I need.


  3. I love this scripture- Gen. 16:13. It's one of the sweetest encounters of God. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I do too, Andy. I love to see how people encountered Him as a Living God, One who know their circumstances, and saw them right where they were.

    I know the same Lord and He sees me, knows me, and reaches down to me wherever I am and whatever I am going through.



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