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Crumbs Along the Broken Path - Book by Verna Bowman

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My guest today is Verna Bowman. Her book, Crumbs Along the Broken Path, will encourage and inspire you. Verna says everybody has a story written before we were born as it’s described in Psalm 139. Be sure to enter to win a copy below.

When did the idea for this book begin? 

The idea came while writing faith stories in my journals.  My first intention was to compile the stories of God’s faithfulness through countless tragic circumstances within our family, and leave a legacy of faith for my children and grandchildren.   I think it’s important to hand down to the next generation the reason we believe, to encourage them in their own journey.

How long did it take to write it?

Longer than expected!  Three years. It’s difficult to write through the hard places we’ve lived through.  I had to revisit places in life I didn’t feel comfortable sharing.  But, through the process of writing out the broken pieces of life, I experienced wholeness that comes from realizing God was there on my path all along, from conception on . . .

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I love the image of the scattered crumbs being God’s Presence in our lives. Give us an example of a crumb you recognized in your life and how it made you more aware of Him?

I think the “crumb” most recognized is the tremendous turning point in my faith walk when our youngest son was born with kidney failure.  It showed me an extreme side of God I hadn’t noticed before.  What I am most grateful for is to now have the ability to recognize those crumbs along my path that I didn’t notice at the time were leading me straight to the Father.  The good and the not-so-good that God uses to bring us to a deeper place with Him.

What would you like to tell women who are experiencing difficult situations right now?

God’s most powerful blessing can be the brokenness we experience in life because it leads to wholeness – it’s never in vain.  It took some time before I came to the place where I could simply surrender and ask God what I could learn while I was in the dark places.  I certainly would encourage anyone to stay close to the Word of God, to know it well enough to believe it, especially when circumstances try and shout over His voice.

Often I feel I need others to help me to notice the crumbs—have you experienced that also?

Definitely.  Years ago we lost our home due to extreme medical bills from our son’s illness.  We weren’t sure where our family could turn.  Our Bible study group that met in our home every week prayed us through the situation and offered to help us build a home, like the barn raisings of the near-by Amish community.  We didn’t know where to begin!  But, the Lord provided within that group a carpenter, plumber, electrician, and mason, the body of Christ to help us erect a home for our family.

Do you have a favorite story in the book you can share some highlights?

“IF I SHOULD WAKE BEFORE I DIE” is the story of when my husband fell into a coma following multiple strokes and cardiac arrest.  He was pronounced brain dead within twenty-four hours after being admitted to the hospital.  The social worker advised me to discontinue life support.  I told her we will wait because I know what God can do in seven days.  The seventh morning he woke up!  Of course, it was an arduous recovery for months, but I am grateful to share this among my stories of God’s goodness.

What do you hope to accomplish by sharing this message with others?

My reason for sharing my stories is the hope others will discover their own.  We all face challenges. I’ve had several opportunities to speak with wounded women over the years while being a part of Women’s Ministry who have experienced some of the difficulties I have. I’ve included a devotional question at the end of each personal story so others might look deeper into their own story.

Verna Bowman, a freelance writer and speaker, has been involved in ministry leadership for over twenty years.  Her work has appeared in a number of Christian publications.  Verna publishes a weekly blog, Encouraging Women One Story at a Time.  Her passion is to pass on to others her confident trust in God.  She and her husband, Jeff, have four adult children, five grandchildren, and make their home in Pennsylvania.

Verna, thank you for sharing your story with us. I know this book will bless others as they read how God has shown His faithful presence in your family.
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  1. Dear Verna, Your story is one of inspiration........We learn how faithful our Lord truly is during the dark times. I too waited for my husband to come back from a coma, he lived on another 4 years, much of it a struggle, but the blessing of seeing him open and closer with our children and more importantly, the Lord, was a gift to us all. Thank you for your "crumbs"

  2. Thank you, for sharing your crumbs as well, Mom. There were so many during those days of dad's hospitalizations from the stroke. God did a mighty work!

  3. Verna, it's great to see the Lord enlarging your territory through blogs like this. Thanks Jeanne for sharing Verna's book. May I reblog this?

  4. Glenda,
    Thanks for stopping in and encouraging Verna along her path :)
    Contact me for reblogging details and I will get in touch with Verna.

  5. i always find it so interesting the path we must be lead to find brokenness, which i think is the beginning of life

  6. Thanks for your thoughts, Brite Mist. I know in my own life, when I keep it all together, appearing strong--others don't relate as well to my faith. When they see my transparency in brokenness, Christ shines all the more bright. And it's in the times of brokenness, the end of myself, that I see my need for HIM

  7. Thanks, Jeanne, for sharing Verna's experiences and her book through your blog. Her faith is so strong and her life, amazing with all that has happened. It truly is a new way to look at "crumbs" in life. I know I felt as if I had the whole loaf when my husband suffered a cardiac arrest two years ago. God walked with us through the dark places.

  8. Sally, I love your 'whole loaf' idea. I can relate to God's presence through the dark places. And, so thankful that the crumbs point me to Him.

  9. Drum roll, please....Sally Chambers, you have won a copy of Crumbs Along the Broken Path. Please contact me with your mailing address.


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