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When You're Lost - Asking for Directions, and Find Out Who Won Verna's Book

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Cairn Marker - Photo by Jeanne Doyon

Feeling like you’ve lost your way? I can relate. If you’re like me, you hum along thinking you’re on the right path (click to tweet) and all of a sudden nothing looks familiar. Fog descends. Darkness hovers inside and out, and you begin looking for markers. Something to verify you didn’t take a wrong turn.

This is why we have road maps, Google maps and GPS systems. We are in constant need of direction.

I love a good road map. They are detailed and give me the big picture. I can put things in context and see how the routes connect. The Google map print-outs and even GPS screen shots frustrate me. They could be upside down and I would never know it. No, a good road map is my friend.

Photo by Jeanne Doyon
On a recent trip to the White Mountains, I pulled the car over while exploring the area. Tires crunched in the gravel as I parked the car. The signs were marked Mt. Webster on the left and Mt. Willey on the right. Nestled in the gap, visitors picnicked overlooking a clear lake.

I spied the log building with a sign that said Information.  I wasn’t lost, but I was looking for ideas of how to spend time while waiting for my husband. He was hiking some of the mountain peaks, and I had several hours to burn.

My sandals flip flopped on the cement walkway leading to the Smokey the Bear era building. I pulled open the heavy door and stepped into the dimly lit room. The windows refused the sun because of their milky haze. Musty air mixed with the smell of old paper.

The information center was uninhabited. I had my pick of brochures but there was no one to answer my questions. Feeling adrift, I turned just as another woman entered who looked to me for help.

“I am hopelessly lost,” She lamented, her eyes wide with concern. “I have no idea where I am but my GPS says I’ve arrived at my destination.”

“There’s no one here,” I replied. “Where are you going?”

“Attitash. We were supposed to be there an hour ago. I don’t know if I’ve gone too far or taken a wrong turn.”

Understanding her dilemma, I replied, “I’m not from around here, but let’s see if we can figure it out.”

I opened one of the provided maps and located her two points of reference—her current location and her destination. After joking that maybe I should get a job at the information desk, I sent her on her way with the map in hand and assurance that it wasn’t much further to travel.

Maybe in a ‘God’s sovereign’ kind of way, I was in the right place at the right time. The realization hit me like a two-by-four that I encounter lost people every day. (Click to tweet) They are bombarded by colorful brochures that promise the way to go, but no one to give them clear and true direction.

And, there in the middle of a mountain pass, I found the direction I was looking for all along.


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  1. Jeanne, Again your insight reduced me to tears.........You are so right, each day we pass by so many looking for the way, or not aware they are lost. I sat beside a woman this morning who shared some of her life, her pain.........and I was able to share Christ with her. We never know when or where the LORD will use us. He is the Potter, we the clay.......Thank you Mom

  2. Thanks, Mom. I am asking for Him to make me notice more. To open my eyes and heart. So often, people look like they are doing okay on the outside. When the truth is, we all hurt and we all need Him.

  3. I love this Jeanne. I recently took two trips without a GPS - one familiar, one unfamiliar. (GPS disappear when you have grown children). Both were completely different experiences. I wasn't watching my arrival time. I was looking out the window rather than looking at the glowing screen. I did get lost, but knew I was headed in the right direction and would connect with something familiar soon. All good.

    I also love that your mom reads and comments on your blog. So sweet.


  4. I know GPS travel has its virtues. I don't have one, but can imagine they can be helpful when traveling alone. But I would need to be able to tweak the routes they offer. My tech-less savvy quivers at that one.

  5. Very comforting and convicting article. I have learned that the GPS I want to pay attention to most, is the one that leads me closer to Jesus. I also love the look of your blog, so soothing and the colors bring calmness. Thank y0u for sharing this!

  6. Thank you, Jeanne! Indeed, this "lostness" is all around us every day (or me, to and from and at work). Oh, that we could answer His call to share as a GPS (God's Prepared Servant) anywhere and any time we are called upon to tell His Truth.

  7. Oh, I loved this Jeanne! And your description of the information center placed me right inside. Your application of "encountering lost people every day" was spot on - thanks for highlighting something so critical to our daily lives.

    Love to you in Christ!

  8. Thank you for stopping by the Stream, Debbie. And, for your encouraging thoughts.
    I like that...I too, want me GPS coordinates focused on Jesus. I am thankful He leads His children along :)

  9. Laurie,
    Love it!! God's Prepared Servant. That's you and me, sister. And all those who follow Him. He will direct our paths and bring people who need to hear our story

  10. Thank you for your heart, Emily. I know you want to hear His voice leading you on His path. As do I.
    The Lord was so gracious to give me this application at a time I didn't expect. So like HIS Spirit


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