Saturday, July 19, 2014

Why Rest is Not a Four-Letter Word

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I am not made to run like the Energizer bunny. TWEET THIS

I often think, others can - why can't I? But, if I'm honest with myself I can admit I don't want to.

Rest is not a four-letter word. Instead it holds what I need, time to step back and assess. Time to be still and stop the striving. And the place where I discover it's okay to let the world's stuff to go on without me for awhile.

Of course, scheduled rest is the best. When I can decide to enjoy rest on my terms rather than being forced there by mishap or hardship. God gave me rest - a gift to enjoy.

But when I decide that I can do 'just one more thing' or take on another commitment without regard to rest, that's when I run into trouble. There is no time for rest - at least my mind can't see it. So, the Energizer bunny continues energizing till my batteries run low.

Another realization comes when I can understand that rest is not only being still but quieting my mind. My mind can whir faster than my Kitchenaid mixer sometimes. Things I should do, want to do, have to do, wish I didn't have to do...future projects, projects that sit idle and the ones I am procrastinating on because the next step is unclear.

Just thinking can be exhausting.

Jesus says, "Come apart with me and rest awhile."

I say, Rest awhile so I don't come apart!!

Now I know you're wondering what brought this topic up for my blog post. Maybe because injuring three ribs slowed me down long enough to realize I needed and am actually enjoying the rest.

I don't know about you....but this is an ongoing lesson for me. I am not high energy - but I can make more excuses to myself why it's not a good time to rest.

I need to listen to the One who calls out in the middle of the storm, "Peace, be still." And, seas and wind obey Him.

Is Your World Whirring? Join the conversation. What have you learned in the midst of rest?


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  1. I like this! We all need to take more time and slow down. Thank you!

  2. There were times when the days were full of caretaking..........difficult to remove yourself from your responsibility. My afternoon coffee break, consisted of sitting in the driveway with my chair. Hearing the quiet.........listening for the LORD. Loved it !!!
    As always, Jeanne, love your insight. Thank you, Mom

  3. Thank you for stopping in, Kathleen. Slowing down isn't easy especially in the culture we live in. A good reminder for all of us.

  4. Mom, I can picture you sitting there outside the garage with your coffee and your Bible open in your lap. Sweet moments.
    Rest and renewal are so necessary. If Jesus needed to--how much more do we!!!?

  5. What have I learned when I rest? I usually fall asleep.
    I like your reminder to take time - or make it - to settle the mind and body.

  6. Sleep is good, Brenda. That I do very well. I have trouble resting my mind when I am awake LOL

  7. We must resist the temptation of busyness! As Jesus is our spiritual husband, he desires that intimate time with us where we can be still and listen to his loving voice. Great reminder Jeanne! Thank you :) Melissa Longval

  8. Thanks for your insight, Melissa. I remember someone said, if Satan can't make you bad, he'll make you busy.
    Interesting thought.
    There is such richness in rest--yet I know I don't do it well. I'm learning and thankfully, God is patient.

  9. Powerful reminder, Jeanne. And I love what you said: "Rest awhile so I don't come apart!"

    After a 10-day writing retreat of getting up about 7:30am and not going to bed until about 2am every morning, I needed to hear that.

    I'm always trying to figure out how and where I can fit in some rest time, but it rarely seems to happen. However, I have started taking a Sabbath on Sunday. I can't believe how much that helps!

  10. Jeanne, I used to burn the candle at both ends. As a angle mother, struggling to stay afloat, I had no choice. But God gets out attention somehow, whether it be health or broken relationships or mistakes made because you're just too tired to get it right. I love how you connected this message to the Energizer bunny. Great connection to draw people in.

  11. Praying you will revive with His rest, Vonda.

  12. Barbara, I too am a candle burner :)
    God has taught me a lot through the mistakes I've made over the years. It is NOT my strength at all even though I often fool myself into believe it is.
    He accomplishes more in my times of rest, than I can accomplish of running full tilt.
    I appreciate your comments!


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