Saturday, September 04, 2010

Restoration - Are You Willing?

All around me, marriages are crumbling—long standing marriages of friends and family members. I feel blindsided by the news and watch as divorces become final, and couples crumble. I keep thinking, God can restore these relationships, and He can. But, people need to be willing in order for Him to step in and begin the process of mending. Relationships are complicated and love must be cultivated in order to survive the onslaught of enemy fire. Make no mistake, Satan wants to destroy families. He wants to see relationships die—he chortles in victory every time he successfully darkens the hearts and deadens the minds of God's people.

I need you to know that I am grappling with my next blog post, dealing with restoration and reconciliation. God wants us to be reconciled with Himself and one another. And, humanly, that is a very tricky business. Ultimately it means dying to self.

The question is, are we willing?
Marriages are only one little aspect to this topic, but it is one that is on my mind and heart.

More to the meantime, pray for those who need to experience the restoring power of God.


  1. Is there restoration? If and only if God steps into the picture to remove all the soul parasites that have (and are) sucking their love dry. If and only if, they cease seeking to plug the God-shaped hole in the middle of their souls, where the wind roars through, with everything else, except God. If and only if, Christ graces the throne in the center of their souls, will God grant them the ability to see each other with His eyes and to love one other as He loves them. Is there restoration? There can be through the grace of God experienced in Jesus Christ.

  2. So true, Cass. Thanks for sharing this. Restoration is available when we come to Him in surrender and allow Him to work in our hearts.


  3. Marriages are disintegrating all around us, both long-standing unions and newly formed ones. Only by God's grace are any holding together at all. Praise the Lord that He is greater than all of our sinfulness and that He in His mercy still holds together the many marriages that are continuing on. I will be praying along with you.


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