Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cape Cod Clips

My Cape Cod getaway was wonderful. I have just returned and want to share a bit of my heart from my weekend away:

Friday May 19, 2011

I am here, Lord—I come into your presence and ask for your forgiveness; I fall short every day, not spending time with you—in your word, in prayer and listening for your voice. I have come apart to be with you; show me what I need to focus on this weekend…

I love your word—I’ve not experienced the sweet times consistently in awhile; too busy; too rushed; too many distractions. Draw me back to your presence, Father, so I may drink deeply. Fill my cup, Lord.

“My soul thirsts for God, for the Living God.” Psalm 42:2

I come, Lord. So thirsty.

Thank you for the glimpses of sunshine. Thank you that the rain has stopped. Thank you for the kind breeze—it is your whispers I’m listening for. I must listen past the buzz saw of life—the forever drone of its distractions. Help me instead, to focus on the cardinal’s call, “I’m here. Look up to find me in the budding branches of spring.” In it I hear the Master say, I have a message budding within you—my words—my voice—my call to you. Listen and look up…

As the buzz saw fades, I hear the birds speak:

Believe in me. Believe in my love. Come. Come to me.

I know that you love me, Lord. I believe.

I know you have called.

I come.

Ready to receive your words

Speak, Lord, for I am listening

I listen to the sound of the ocean waves:

Waves roll

Gentle laps

Tickling the shore

Bringing cool refreshment

Your waves of love

Roll over me

I am refreshed

Thanks for coming along with me,



  1. Beautiful, Jeanne. So glad you had tis time to relax, refresh, and reconnect.

  2. Thank you, Peg. I got some insights into some things too. I also wrote an article, my blog post and my editor's column for THE OLIVE PRESS

    Thanks for remembering me in prayer,


  3. Beautiful, Jeanne. Your words and the soft, soothing music here brought tears to my eyes.

  4. There were tears in my eyes too, Jeanne . . . from the second I saw that beautiful rugged shoreline and as I read to the depths of your post.
    My mother grew up on Cape Cod. What a wonderful gift you were given.
    Thanks for sharing your heart.

  5. Thanks for sharing your heart with me, Vonda and Sally....I am usually the one who cries easily :)

    My journal entries are usually dotted with poetry like this...not that it has any form, other than the shape of my heart.


  6. Another beautiful story. Thank you Jeanne.

  7. Thanks, Tom. It was good to visit with your mom and dad too :)



  8. Thank you, Jeanne. I loved your prayers, so honest, so open. Thank you for sharing your time with God. You touched my heart. My husband John has said yes, and no, and now again, yes, to our time to the ocean--the Lost Coast in California (Shelter Cove). I am excited. I look forward to times with my Lord on the beach, times alone with Him and His word and times with Him and my laptop. :)

  9. There is nothing like time out of our daily environment and its distractions to be renewed by the presence of God! Something we all need!

  10. More often than we think, Judith! Thanks for stopping in...


  11. Glad you will be able to get away, Sue. Enjoy the time together.



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