Sunday, May 08, 2011

A Getaway With God

“Come away to a quiet place…” Mark 6:33

About twelve years ago I went to my first writer’s workshop. Because of the distance, I arrived the night before at a nearby convent where rooms were reserved. Arriving early, I found myself alone in a stark, shadowy dormitory formerly used to house novices. As my squeaking footsteps echoed through the empty halls I found myself getting anxious. I was nervous enough about following God’s call to use my writing, and I was trembling inside because of the strange stillness around me.

I remember thinking, “What is wrong with me? Why am I so uncomfortable being alone?”

With a busy home, husband, and homeschooling my three children, I was never alone and, rarely experienced silence. Who really does? We live and breathe in a noisy world; traffic, music, phones, jobs—there is always some kind of commotion around us.

Other than the technology, this is exactly what was going on in Jesus’ world. He and the disciples hardly rested because of the crowds that came to Him. He healed, fed, forgave, comforted, preached, raised, delivered, and fed some more…is it any wonder that Jesus told the disciples to come away to a quiet place. He, Himself valued and needed time in His Father’s presence in order to accomplish what He was sent to do and He was modeling this for the disciples—for they would need His power too.

God desires the same thing of us, to get alone with Him; He has things for us to do and we can’t do them in our own strength; we need His power. We need His direction. All would easily be missed in the everyday din and throng we live in. His “voice” comes in the slightest whisper; it falls like the dew that settles in the quiet of the morning on a quieted, seeking heart.

I have taken time to get away from my normal routine and each time it has reaped huge benefits. I have come back refreshed and able to focus on what God wanted to say through His Word and I have been revived in His presence. I tell myself I have to do this once a year at least, though I admit it has been awhile since the last time?

Well, I am preparing a getaway time with Him soon. I have some writing projects that need His guidance. I am facing decisions about my next steps. It is a perfect time to come apart from my everyday demands to spend some time listening for His still small voice.

So, what would a ‘come away place’ look like for you? What do you need to hear from God?



  1. Oh, how I enjoyed this post, Jeanne. Past and present "places" popped into my mind and heart as I read. God is so good to remind us and then provide us with all we need to "come away" with Him from time to time. Blessings.

  2. Beautiful photo, Jeanne! Makes me want to go there and camp. You are right about solitude--it's hard to allow ourselves solitude when we have other responsibilities and easy to forget how much difference solitude makes in meeting them.

  3. It's hard for me to slip away from the busyness of my life. Even though I have my quiet time with my Lord each day, getaways are important. My husband, John, enjoys going to Lake Almanor, CA. He's been looking forward to it all winter and we plan to leave next week. While he and I spend time together fishing, I also have time to spend alone with God and work on writing and research. I even have time to read for pleasure and knit to my heart's content. I'm starting to look forward to it too.

  4. I also have found it hard to break away, but when I do I think, "why did I wait so long?"

    Thanks, all for sharing your thoughts.



  5. My peaceful place would be by the ocean on the east coast -- alone with God. I need to hear His "net steps" and just be nourished by His voice in the quietness.

    Thanks for the moment to slow down and reflect, Jeanne.

  6. Pat,

    Sounds like the perfect spot!



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