Monday, May 16, 2011

Preparing Your Getaway

“Come away to a quiet place…” Mark 6:33

As I write this, I am anticipating my time away with the Lord this weekend. My mind is already going there which is a dangerous thing because I need to “be” at work this week. There are so many things on my heart. I have a huge writing project I am working on. I have a decision to make about a ministry step—is it His time yet? I have “packed” so many things in my heart to take along.

So, I have continued this topic in case you are considering your own getaway. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some thoughts as you plan:

Choosing a place

Take into consideration your budget when you choose a location; not too far, but just far enough away. Some options include a day trip to a park, waterfront, or other quiet place nearby; a hotel, B&B or other overnight destination; a retreat or conference center which may offer inexpensive accommodation especially during an ongoing event.

Things to contemplate

Is there a prayer item that you have been struggling with?

Are you led to a Scripture and want to meditate on its application in your life?

Are you faced with a decision or need direction?

Is there an area where you need to let go?

Are you getting a glimpse into a ministry you need to pray through?

Are you facing concerns and you need His peace?

Are you restless, sensing a need for change?

Things to bring

A Bible, journal, pen, a teachable and expectant heart (camera or sketch pad optional)

Things to avoid

Cell phones, internet access, email, or any other distractions

As you plan a time alone with Him, I pray you will feel the stir in your heart with the knowledge that He is wooing you there. He has something to whisper in the depth of your soul and is preparing your heart to receive it.

I can hardly wait,



  1. That's a great new picture at the heading, Jeanne.

    Thanks for sharing how you are preparing for your wonderful getaway weekend. I just know the Lord will bless you in a very special way.


  2. Thank you, Peg. I have gone on a few of these getaways and each time I come back renewed, refreshed and revived. It isn't easy setting aside time to go, but well worth the effort.

    I will post after I get back...


  3. Hey Jeanne, I've gone on many solitary writing retreats in different locations, but my favorite place is a monastery here in town. They have a commitment to silence, so it's a great place to write. :-)

  4. Thank you, Jeanne, for the great tips. My husband, John, and I are waiting for the weather to get a little warmer at Lake Almanor. I take my writing, reading and knitting with me and enjoy quiet times with the Lord. I'm longing for the walk or bike ride on the trail by the lake where I meet with God. Some of my best writing is at the lake.

  5. Great Post, Jeanne. I've used the grounds of our public library for get-away time. It does have Internet access, but, if I don't take my own computer, I don't have to deal with that distraction.

    I'd also like to share a post on my Blog4Writers entitled "Where Do You Write?"

  6. I Love the new picture! And your message is so very true! And sometimes God even "turns the distractions off in very mysterious ways"! I hope you thouroughly enjoy your time! Can't wait to hear/read aout it!

  7. Such great thoughts, girls!

    I am so expectant! Can't wait to see what is planned for me


  8. Thanks, Kat...looking forward to sharing all about it.

    Hugs, see you tomorrow,



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