Wednesday, October 29, 2014

In an Age of Information - Take the Know the Word Challenge

We live in an age of information.

But, much of the information lacks credible sources. We read something online and take it as fact. Yet, if we research the claim we can find holes and often deceptions.

I have done this myself. I read something on a social media site and get upset about it, and then find out it isn't true. I'm learning not to get drawn in by their hype.

Contrary to popular thought - everything on the internet is NOT true. And, we need to be cautious of what we believe.

We need to rely on primary documents (the originating source of the information) for our research and the information we share.

The same is true with the Word of God. We must use it as our primary source document in order to judge whether things are true or not. If you feel you have been led by God to do something - and that something is contrary to what the Word of God says, then consider your leading to be false.

We can convince ourselves of just about anything. But we need to be sure it isn't contrary to what God says.

My heart aches because of a couple of things in this regard:

1. We are becoming a country with a literacy problem.

2. Many who profess Christ aren't proficient with their Bible.

Both of these things make us vulnerable. Not only do we not know what the Bible says, the character of God and what He has done for us through His son, Jesus,  but we are also unable to refute error when we hear it.

We constantly learn more about God and His Word - we will continue until we die and we should never think we have attained it all. But, we also need to be students of the Word, gathering with one another to read and study it so we can know error when it is presented.

Some say the Bible is antiquated. I disagree. We need the Holy Spirit's enlightenment for understanding but this Living Word is active and able to pierce both soul and spirit. It still speaks today to those who have ears to hear.

So, will you be more intentional about reading God's Word?

Join a Bible study. Gather together and begin to study and discuss it together. The Bible is His love letter to you. It is there you will encounter Him and discover truth. And, that truth will enable you to root out the counterfeit.

Are there subjects you'd like to discuss here at The Stream's Edge?

Do you have questions?

Would you like to delve into what the Bible says and discuss them together?

Is there a book of the Bible you would like to discuss? A topic? A person in Scripture you'd like to know more about?

In this age of information will you take the KNOW THE WORD challenge so we can come to know the One who loves us and provided eternal life through His Son, Jesus?

Wanting to know more,



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  1. Thanks, Jeanne! I just highlighted this on the Christian Poets & Writers blog -

  2. Thanks for this, Mary. I think it's so important to use wisdom and discernment. There are many half-truths out there that we can trip over.

  3. You're so right, Jeanne. I grew up in church, but never studied God's Word...and it showed. But once I began digging into the Bible and the truths it held, my life began to change. There's no turning back now!

  4. Vonda,
    I think you're right. We never know how hungry we are until we begin to fill up on His words. Once we taste and see, we can't get enough.
    Thanks for sharing your heart.


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