Friday, October 17, 2014

Review - Jesus Daily: 365 Interactive Devotions by Dr. Aaron Tabor

Today, I am giving away a T-shirt (size L) and a copy of a new devotional called, Jesus Daily: 365 Interactive Devotions, by Dr. Aaron Tabor. Be sure to share a comment for a chance to win. Winners will be announced next week.

One of the ways we become more like Jesus, is by spending time in God's word. His word transforms us as we encounter Him and discover His character; As we put our faith into practice we learn to trust Him no matter what we face.

daily devotional helps us to think about a passage of Scripture because it often uses everyday situations as an illustration.

The Jesus Daily Facebook Page launched in 2009 by Dr. Aaron Tabor and it now has over 27 million likes. Its purpose is to proclaim the love of God and introduce people to Jesus as their Savior.

In this new technological world, we have amazing tools of spreading any message across the globe. What an awesome way to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the click of a computer key.

Dr. Tabor has just written a daily devotional and shares how this book came about in this short YouTube clip:

Jesus Daily is a beautiful hardbound book that is the perfect size for your purse, briefcase, or backpack. The short devotions hinge on a Scripture for the day and give a challenge for daily interaction. I like this feature because it reminds me of when James says, Be a doer of the word.
Jesus Daily: 365 Interactive Devotions is not a deep look into the Word of God; it is more of a fresh breeze, a reminder of His presence in our daily walk. The Daily Interaction and call to connect for each day is refreshing, reminding us that reading God’s word should elicit a response from us (Tweet This). For example, some of the daily interactions look like this:

·       Take time to journal online about a hard time in your life. What helped keep you going?

·       Post your favorite verse about anger and ask others how they handle their tempers.

·       Download a podcast from a favorite Christian pastor or teacher to listen to during lunch of coffee time today.

The idea behind this devotional is to post responses on the Jesus Daily Facebook page where over 27 million people have interfaced with the message of the Gospel—the hope of Jesus. It is a way to encourage one another on the journey of faith using the power of the internet and social media. It also gives us an opportunity to engage our world with the Truth.
Here is a sample from Jesus Daily—the October 17th entry:

I'd love to hear your thoughts about daily devotional reading. Do you use one?

When is it perfect for you to grab during the day?
Have you visited the Jesus Daily Facebook page?

What is it about the Jesus Daily devotional that is attractive to you?

Be sure to share your comment to win a copy of the Jesus Daily Devotional or the T-shirt, both offered to my readers by the Hatchette Book Group, Inc.

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  1. Hi Jeanne! This looks like a good, practical application type of devotional - hearing and doing. Giving gentle instruction as to HOW to engage the culture today and one's personal sphere of influence with His Word and His Presence by being more transparent in our own walk and the transforming power of God in our own life. Much needed. Taking the fruits of our "quiet time" into the world to share the goodness. Love it!

  2. Thanks for you input, Miss Kathy. There are many styles of devotionals to fit different times in our lives. This is one that is good for a challenge to engage our world. The internet is a powerful tool to carry the message of Christ. What better way to provide a catalyst to do just that.

  3. I would love to win this Book. The daily devotion is what I live for, I think I have been through the bible a couple times via this method. I like them because I find I can go as deep or as light as I want. Our Father never ever fails to speak to me daily through some I enjoy. I just looked at the face book page. I had no idea there was such a page I love it! Thank you Jeanne for never failing to teach me something new.

  4. Terrie, I hadn't known about the Facebook page either. There is so much out there!! Thanks for your comment - That is true about a devotional being like a springboard. Once I start reading a portion of Scripture, I find the Lord leads me to others - cross referencing - themes. His word is powerful to speak into our lives when we open our heart to receive it. Thanks!!

  5. What a beautiful gift. I use devotional books when I have them...I like them first thing in the morning before I get out of bed..God first...looking forward to the Christmas tea. In gratitude always, Lauri

  6. Yes, Lauri, God first for sure. What a great idea to have a daily devotional on the nightstand.
    See you at the tea :)

  7. Jeanne, you're right. Short daily devotions like these aren't enough to help us learn His word indepth, but they certainly do bring a breath of fresh air to my morning. I love to read them before I get pulled into the craziness of my day!

    Thanks for sharing this book and FB page. I didn't know about them!

  8. Vonda, so true about the craziness of our days sometimes. Having different daily devotionals around the house helps too.
    In the bathroom.
    On your nightstand.
    Even one in the car for those times you need to wait.

    Thanks for your comment. May God bless you as you focus on Him each day.

  9. Have you ever noticed there is always a drum roll when announcing big news??

    ((( Drum rolling )))

    Congratulations to our winners! Terrie you have won a copy of Jesus Daily.
    And, Vonda you win the T-shirt.

    Contact me so I can get your prizes mailed. And, thank you so much for interacting here at The Stream's Edge.


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